Perfect Planners for College Students + Millennials

Perfect Planners for College Students

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Last year, I wrote a post about some really fun planner options for college students. It went pretty viral on Pinterest and has been viewed almost 100,000 times. That post was one of my favorite ones to write last year so I figured, why not make this a yearly thing? I knew I wanted to make this year’s planner post bigger and better than before. So I reached out to a ton of companies and asked if they’d like to contribute a planner to my post. Nearly all of them said yes, which was something I really wasn’t expecting but I couldn’t be happier! I’m so excited to present to you the second annual Kayla Blogs planner post featuring FIFTEEN different planners!

1. Time & To Do Planner

time and to do cover

time and to do monthly spread

time and to do weekly spread

time and to do to do page

time and to do time page

Size + Specs: The Time & To Do planner is 11.25 x 9.25″, while the pages are standard letter size (8.5 x 11″). The cover is 80-point chipboard and is wrapped. It is navy blue and white striped with the Time & To Do logo on the front and back covers. It runs from August 2016 to July 2017. It includes yearly overview pages, a monthly view at the beginning of each month, and a weekly spread with hours running from 6AM to 6PM. There’s plenty of space to write out to-do’s, notes, and your schedule! There is a small Saturday + Sunday block.

Favorite Features: My favorite features of this planner are the colorful tabs and design at the bottom of each page. I also love that there are bullet points already printed for me to use to check off my to-do’s, and a block at the top of each day of the week to write any due dates or events.

Who Would Love This Planner: The college student or millennial who likes to map out their day hourly and doesn’t have too much going on during the weekends. The person who likes to write notes in the weekly spread and has a lot of to-do’s.

Price: $45.00, buy it here.


let's do this goal digger cover

let's do this front page

let's do this monthly spread

let's do this daily page

Size + Specs: The SUSANA CRESCE Planner is 6.5 x 8.25″ with a hard cover and protected corners. It runs from July 2016 to June 2017. It comes in two cover options: black and white polka dot with gold accents, and white and gold polka dot with gold accents. There is a monthly layout page that starts each month as well as full pages for each day of the week (including Saturday and Sunday). The daily pages are equipped with a to-do column with hour slots from 6AM to 11PM, a notes column, a spot for your daily gratitude, and a section at the top to write out your goals for the day. At the end of each month there’s a full-page quote along with a “month analysis” and “goal analysis”. This will make it super easy for you to stay on track with your goals!

Favorite Features: My favorite features of this planner are the multiple goals pages that really help you plan your year and even your month! I also love that there’s a spot to write a note to yourself to reference throughout the year as a reminder of where you hope to be and what you hope to accomplish over the year.

Who Would Love This Planner: A driven person who loves to set goals for themselves and enjoys reflecting on each month to see what they can improve on. This planner is also ideal for someone who has a lot of to-do’s and needs to break them down by hourly slots.

Price: $39.00, buy it here.

3. Rifle Paper Co. Classic Planner

rifle paper co cover

rifle paper co front page

rifle paper co contacts page

rifle paper co monthly spread

rifle paper co weekly spread

rifle daily box

Size + Specs: This Classic Planner from Rifle Paper Co. is 6.75 x 8.25″. It is a covered spiral-bound beauty and comes in a variety of different cover options. It runs from August 2016 to December 2017, so this is a 17-month planner. The inside has a very classic feel and the pages are printed in black ink on off-white paper. The monthly views are lumped together in the beginning of the planner, there are also tabs in the beginning for important dates and lined pages for notes. The weekly spread has horizontal space for each day of the week along with lines and check boxes that seem to be ideal for listing to-do’s. There is a Saturday and Sunday section but they are half the size of the weekly spots. There are also quotes at the top of each weekly spread. There’s a pocket in the back of the planner.

Favorite Features: My favorite features of this planner are the covered spiral and the beautiful designs. This planner is very minimalistic but it works really well and allows you to stay on track with what you need to do and not be sidetracked by intricate designs and layouts.

Who Would Love This Planner: Someone who is traditional, but wants something pretty. This is also ideal for a to-do list maker, or someone who likes to check things off as they happen. Also a good fit for someone who just needs a 17-month planner!

Price: $34.00, buy it here.

4. Emily Ley Academic Daily Simplified Planner

emily ley front cover

emily ley front page and pocket

emily ley daily spread

emily ley daily page

emily ley weekend

Size + Specs: The Simplified Planner is 7.75 x 9″ including binding. It has a gold spiral binding with gold corners. It runs from August 2016 to July 2017. In the beginning, there’s a yearly overview, a holiday list, and space to write out a bucket list which I think is super cute! Before each month there’s a monthly layout. There’s a page for each day including a column to plan out your day in hourly increments (6AM to 9PM), a column for to-do’s, and two smaller sections at the bottom to plan your dinner and write some notes. Saturday and Sunday sections are half the size of the weekday pages. Each daily page has a splash of fun color and a quote at the top. On the back of the front cover there’s a pocket to store a notebook or other small papers!

Favorite Features: I absolutely love the cover styles the Simplified Planner has to offer. I also love the splashes of color throughout the inside, it is just enough to make me feel a little happier! Another feature I like is that there’s a lot of space each day to write to-do’s. I also love that on Sundays there is a spot to write a happy memory from the week!

Who Would Love This Planner: A fun-loving person who enjoys a splash of color. I’d also recommend this planner for anyone with a changing schedule because there’s a lot of space to plan out each day!

Price: $58.00, buy it here.

5. Medium Agenda

bando medium agenda cover

bando pocket and secret code spread

bando sticker page

bando monthly detailbando monthly spread

bando weekly page

bando weekly spread

bando detail


Size + Specs: The new medium size is 6.5 x 8.5″ and is hard cover with a gold spiral and elastic band to keep it all together. There is a pocket page with a pocket on each side and two super-fun, super-cute sticker pages! Each month has a monthly spread placed right before it and a spread of notes pages. The weekly spread has a horizontal, unlined box for each day and the Saturday and Sunday boxes are half size. It includes fun holidays and a cute to-do at the bottom of the page like, “host a slumber party with your gal pals”! This agenda also has sweet compliments scattered throughout that will instantly make your day 10x better.

Favorite Features: I just love how fun this agenda is. I love the stickers and the compliments and the fun fonts that are used throughout! I’m also obsessed with the cute illustrations that start off each month. It’s impossible to frown while looking at this agenda!

Who Would Love This Planner: Someone who loves to have fun. Someone who isn’t all about business and likes to use stickers and write in colorful pens and doesn’t need a whole lot of space for each day. The boxes are a decent size, but there isn’t a lot of room for a ton of lists!

Price: $28.00, buy it here.

6. The Purposeful Planner

corie clark purposeful planner cover corie clark front page corie clark monthly spread corie clark task list and goals corie clark daily page weekday corie clark 15 minutes

Size + Specs: The Purposeful Planner by Corie Clark is 9 x 9 3/4″ and is hard cover with a gold spiral and gold corners. There’s a pocket on the back cover and the planner has a daily layout. There is one full page for each day, including spots for water intake, prayer + praise, brain dump, and a menu box. At the beginning of each month there’s also space to write down your goals and there’s a master task list you can use to help organize/clean your home!

Favorite Features: My favorite features of this planner are the water intake tracker and the endless space for goal-writing, brain-dumping, and mapping out your day!

Who Would Love This Planner: That millennial who is dying to track EVERYTHING from her goals, to her schedule, to her water intake, to her meals, and shopping lists! This planner has it all and it’ll be so easy for you because it’s all in one place!

Price: $47.00 (ON SALE!), buy it here.

7. May Designs

may designs cover

may designs beginning spread may designs monthly spread may designs weekly spread

Size + Specs: May Books are 5×8″ and have a soft cover with sewn binding that is eco friendly! The academic agendas have monthly pages and a weekly spread with boxes to write your plans and assignments each day. There are also notes pages and fun holidays marked throughout the book!

Favorite Features: I love how customizable May Books are and I also love that there are SO many cover options as well as the ability to monogram your planner or title your book whatever you please!

Who Would Love This Planner: Someone who wants an extremely portable planner that isn’t bulky and doesn’t need much space for each day. This is also great for people who would like to use a smaller planner maybe as a supplement to something bigger!

Price: $23.00 (with monogram), buy it here.

8. Bloom Daily Planner

bloom front cover bloom front pagebloom goalsbloom class schedule spreadbloom monthly spread bloom weekly spread    bloom notes spread

Size + Specs: Bloom Daily Planners are 6″ wide (with binding) x 8.25″ tall! You can buy them with a soft or hard cover, I have the soft cover version pictured here. There is a monthly calendar before each month and the weekly pages follow. Each day has a lined space to write your to-do’s and assignments. Saturday and Sunday boxes are the same as the weekly boxes.

Favorite Features: I love that this planner has space at the beginning to write your goals for the year as well as tons of room to write down your schedule for each day of the semester!

Who Would Love This Planner: A college student who is looking for something on the smaller side that will still give them space to write goals!

Price: $14.95, buy it here.

9. Simply Yours Day Planner

simply yours cover simply yours title page simply yours long term goals simply yours short term goals simply yours monthly spread simply yours weekly spread simply yours weekly

Size + Specs: The Simply Yours planner by Bailey Craft Planners is 7 x 9″ and hard cover with reinforced corners and sturdy silver spiral binding. There is a monthly page before the weekly pages. The daily boxes are lined with 9 checkboxes on the side. The Saturday and Sunday boxes are half the size of the weekday boxes. Before each month there is a spot for you to write your short term goals for that month as well as lined journal pages for you to write down your thoughts. In the beginning of the planner there is also a tab designated just for some long-term and short-term goal writing. There are also pages at the beginning of the planner for vacation planning, writing down internet passwords, bills, and a gift list! At the back of the planner, there is a journal/thoughts tab that has several lined pages you can use however you choose!

Favorite Features: I love how each month has a different inspirational phrase or word positioned at the top. For August, the word is “Resilience”, which I think is great. I also love that each month is a different color. It’s so easy to get bored with a single color sometimes so I love that they switch it up each month!

Who Would Love This Planner: Someone who loves lined pages and tons of space to write. Everything in this planner has lines and there are tons of spots for you to journal and get it allll down on paper!

Price: $46.00, buy it here.

10. InkWELL Press LiveWELL Planner

inkwell front cover inkwell front pages inkwell monthly spread inkwell weekly spread inkwell notes lined inkwell travel planner inkwell books_movie night list inkwell back pocket

Size + Specs: The LiveWELL planner is 7 x 9″, hardcover, and spiral-bound. It has a monthly page at the beginning of each month and this “Flex” version has a horizontal layout for each day. At the beginning of each month there’s also a “monthly mission board” to help you write out your goals and plans for the month. There’s also a designated space for some fun stuff like a to-read list and a to-watch movie list as well as a spot to plan vacations! At the back of the planner are two pockets to store papers, receipts, or any other things you’d like to keep safe!

Favorite Features: The monthly mission board and weekly layout are my favorite features of this planner. The horizontal spaces are some of the biggest I’ve ever seen and would definitely fit a good amount of assignments and to-do’s! The mission board is unique and a great way to organize your thoughts before the month begins!

Who Would Love This Planner: Someone who is visual and likes to map out their goals, ideas, and plans!

Price: $54.00, buy it here.

11. Passion Planner

passion planner 2passion planner monthly spreadpassion planner weekly spreadpassion planner weekly layout 2

Size + Specs: The Passion Planner comes in two different sizes: 8.5 x 11″ and 5.5 x 8.5″. The planners have a soft faux leather cover with a green ribbon bookmark sewn in. There is a monthly layout at the beginning of each month with space to write down projects and your focus for the month. It runs from August 2016 to July 2017. The weekly spread is what really makes this planner unique. There is a spot where you can plan out your day in half-hour increments from 6AM to 10:30PM. There’s also a spot to write each day’s focus, a blank space for a brain dump (or, as they call it, “a space of infinite possibility”), and two to-do lists: personal and work. There’s also a block for you to write something good that has happened that week. At the end of each month there’s a spot to write a reflection with prompts given. The back of the planner contains lots of blank pages and graph pages.

Favorite Features: I love that there’s tons of space to write and fill up this planner with your goals, schedule, and to-do’s. I love that there are hour increments but that they don’t take up the entire page!

Who Would Love This Planner: Someone who wants space to plan out their day but also wants some room to jot things down, write to-do’s and celebrate their accomplishments!

Price: $29.99 (classic size) $24.99 (compact size), buy it here.

12. Day Designer

day designer cover  day designer monthly spreadday designer daily spreadday designer daily page

Size + Specs: The Day Designer flagship edition is  9″ wide x 9.75″ tall with a hard cover and reinforced corners. The Day Designer has a gold spiral binding. It runs from June 2016 to May 2017. Monthly pages are found before each month and each day has its own page. The page has hourly increments, a spot for to-do’s, and your top three priorities for the day. There’s also a small section for notes and a daily gratitude. Each day also has a quote at the top!

Favorite Features: I love the cover options that the Day Designer has! There are so many beautiful patterns and designs. I also love that in the beginning pages of the planner there is space for you to brainstorm your vision and goals for the year.

Who Would Love This Planner: Someone who can utilize a full page for each day, and someone who doesn’t need to carry their planner around often! The Day Designer is beautiful but it is also big, so it won’t easily fit in a purse or backpack!

Price: $59.00, buy it here.

13. Sarah Pinto Academic Planner

sarah pinto cover sarah pinto monthly spread sarah pinto weekly spread sarah pinto weekly

Size + Specs: The Sarah Pinto planner is 5 x 7″ with a heavy card stock/cardboard cover. Everything is printed on recycled paper with soy ink! The planner has monthly pages clustered together at the beginning and runs from August 2016 to July 2017. Each page has a spot to write important assignments and due dates as well as a spot for to-do’s. The Saturday and Sunday boxes are the same size as the weekday ones. At the back of the planner there’s a built-in address/telephone book as well as notes pages and a spot to write down special days and future dates.

Favorite Features: I love how compact and simple this planner is as well as the cover. The quote on the cover is one of my all-time favorites!

Who Would Love This Planner: Someone who doesn’t need anything crazy fancy but still wants a great planner that is also super cute!

Price: $13.00, buy it here.

14. Get to Work Book

get to work book cover get to work book get to work book monthly spread get to work book weekly spread get to work book weekly 1_1 get to work book reflection

Size + Specs: The Get to Work Book is 8.25 x 9″ and has a black book board cover and spiral binding. The beginning of each month features a monthly spread. It runs from July 2016 to June 2017. The weekly spread has space for a “top three” for each day as well as vertical lined space and lots of blank grid space at the bottom. There’s also a column on the side for action items for the week. Throughout the planner there is also a lot of space to plan projects and assignments. At the beginning of each month there’s also a motivational quote that is easily torn out and can be used to motivate yourself for the month!

Favorite Features: I love that there’s so much space to write for each day. I also really enjoy the motivational “posters” that come with the planner. They’re super cute and fun but also totally motivating!

Who Would Love This Planner: Someone who has a lot of projects that need organizing, someone who needs a good amount of space to write each day, and someone who likes to set goals!

Price: $55.00, buy it here.

15. Personal Planner



personal planner weekly spread

personal planner coloring pages personal planner cover and stickers

Size + Specs: I got the A5 sized version which is 5.8 x 8.1″. They have three other sizes to choose from if you think this size might be too big or too small for you! You can choose your start month, so mine runs from August 2016 to July 2017. There is a monthly spread page before each month and I chose how I wanted my weekly pages to look. My weekly pages have lines on the top half and are blank on the bottom. I also added a box at the bottom of the right page for meals and kept the left side bottom box blank. It comes with a bookmark and I also got a sheet of stickers! You can customize pages at the end on their website. I opted for some blank pages, some grid pages, and some fun coloring pages in the very back.

Favorite Features: My favorite features of the Personal Planner are that you can customize EVERYTHING. From the size, to the cover color and style, to the weekly layout pages.

Who Would Love This Planner: Because this planner is so customizable, this planner would be perfect for someone who hasn’t yet found what they’re looking for!

Price: $39.95 (A5 size), buy it here.

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  • Kayla, this post is AMAZINGLY thorough! Did you take all these photos yourself? Incredible! What are you doing with all the planners you won’t be using this year?!

    • Thank you Sara! Yes! I did, and it was crazy stressful haha. I wish they looked better and were more consistent but it was a lot of work! I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with the leftovers… I still haven’t decided which one I’M going to use so after I figure that out I’ll look into my options 😉

      • Good luck choosing! Have you considered doing a group giveaway with a few other college bloggers? It could help you recoup some of the costs of the planners! (:

        • I hadn’t even thought of that! That’s an amazing idea. I’ve never done one before so I’ll have to look into it :)

          • I’d love to collab on it if you’re interested! (: You can message me on FB if you’d like to do one together!

  • Okay Planner Queen!!! This post is amazing and SO HELPFUL! Will definitely be sharing 😉

  • Jessie Hartmann

    I think I said this last year, but it’s still true, I LOVE my Rifle Paper Co planner. Just the right amount of space to write important things neatly but also to doodle.

    • The Rifle Paper Co planner was DEFINITELY one of the prettiest ones I received. So glad you love it!!

  • This post came out so good Kayla!!!! So fun reading through all of these reviews!

    Rachel /

    • Thanks Rachel!! I’m so glad it’s over honestly haha, I was so stressed!

  • Im on the market for a planner, so this is exactly what I needed. #5 might be just what I’m looking for. :)

    • It’s so cute! I hope you love whichever planner you choose :)

  • I have a agenda! This is my first year having one, coming from a Lilly Pulitzer last year. This is my third year of college and I really need to get my act together and be more organized. I’m also looking into getting an Erin Condren planner, which I’m surprised isn’t on your list! I think it would be a great planner for college students, though it is on the pricy side. I’m gonna make my my school planner, and the EC my personal planner. 💙

  • Love this post! I’ve been using my MAMBI Happy Planner for about a month now and I absolutely love it! It’s more budget friendly than the Erin Condren but it has pretty much the same layout. The only problem is that it is a tad bulky, so I don’t know how I’m going to go about carrying it in my bag for school. I might look into the planners, they’re so stinking cute!

    Alysha | Study Break Down

  • Sierra Silver

    I found this post to be extremely useful and very helpful. I currently have the Simply Yours Day planner and it has helped me so much already. I am constantly juggling school,work,family, and friends so it is easy to forget about something but the Simply yours Day Planner has helped me organize everything in my life. Also the layout of the planner is very modern and makes organizing fun.

    • Bailey Craft Planners

      Thanks You so much Sierra

  • So many amazing planners that I didn’t even know of until now! I have my eye on the Day Designer and the Susana Cresce planner. There are definitely an investment, but I believe they are worth it. Thank you for the suggestions :)

    Kathlyn | Kathlyn’s Korner

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    This was an excellent, thorough review! I’m about to start medical school and was looking for the best planner for me and this is exactly what I needed to figure that out. Thanks so much!

  • Barbara Joyce

    I really do like the color block “I can do anything but not everything” planner! I think I may get it, plus it’s great that it’s my favorite and the cheapest of the planners!!

  • Karly Mercado

    I actually have the floral bloom daily planner! I love it! I am incoming freshman and I already know this planner is going to be my life.

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    Thanks for doing this post! I hadn’t heard of the Emily Ley planner before, and now it’s a serious contender for my 2017 planner.

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    I love this blog post! It’s so useful! I’ve saved so many of them to my wishlist. I’ll be choosing between some of the ones on this list for my 2017-2018 planner! Thank you for sharing!

    • I’m glad you found it helpful Lauren! I’ll be sharing my 3rd annual planner post in July so stay tuned!

  • Great post! I usually use a planner from PINK, but I love the hourly layout in the Simplified Planner.