What I’m Currently Reading + A Book Haul!

So I’ve decided to start book blogging! Exciting! I will be blogging about the books I’ve read each month and sharing some of my to-read list. I’ll also be sharing with you some of the books I’ve bought (because I have a shameless book-buying addiction). I’m hoping this will help me reach better goals for myself reading-wise. I think a lot of people have the same problem where you’ll either read 10 books in a week or read nothing at all for months. So, we’ll see how this goes!

Currently Reading

I’m currently reading Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews.
May Book Haul!
I heard it was going to be a movie so I had to pick it up and read it first! I usually try to make it my goal to read the book before the movie, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. It’s okay so far. I’m still not sure how I feel about it. The main character is a little annoying and shallow and the humor seems a little immature for me, but I’m going to keep reading and see how it ends! (Read my review of this book). Now, on to the book haul!

The Book Haul

I bought a total of 6 books over the past two weeks (4 “real” books, and 2 e-books) and I’m eager to power through them all! The books pictured below were purchased during the Half Price Books Memorial Day sale! Everything in the store was 20% off so I had to go check it out. I bought Me and Earl and the Dying Girl at Target on a whim because I knew the movie was coming out soon. I haven’t bought myself books in a while because I’m ~broke~ but it was my first full week at my new job and figured a little treat for myself would be okay. I plan on borrowing books from the local library for most of the summer because I can’t afford to buy every book on my to-read list, unfortunately…

May Book Haul!

The Hard Copies

1. Confess by Colleen Hoover

I started reading Colleen Hoover’s books by “accident” after getting a Kindle for Christmas in 2012. I bought Hopeless because it was cheap and it looked interesting. It was the first book I ever read on my new Kindle. I was hooked on CoHo’s writing. She’s amazing and I highly recommend all of her books. I’m excited to read Confess and to own my first hard copy of a book by one of my favorite authors!

2. Landline by Rainbow Rowell

I read Eleanor & Park last month just as classes were winding down and I LOVED it. I cried at the ending, and that’s a good indicator of how emotionally invested I was in Eleanor & Park’s story. I have read rave reviews for this book so I’m also eager to get started with this!

3. Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid

I haven’t read anything by this author yet, but I think the plot looks really interesting and I’ve read a lot of good reviews. Also, the cover is absolutely gorgeous!

 The E-Books

1.  Ghost Boy by Martin Pistorius

I’m a member of a speech-language pathology book club on Goodreads called “Speech Reads”. This is the book for the month of June. I bought it for my Kindle for $2.99 and I’m excited to discuss this book with speech-language pathologists and SLP students. It’s about a boy who basically becomes a living vegetable and no one knows why. That boy is the author, Martin Pistorius. I’m really curious about this book and plan on reading it as soon as I’m finished with my current read. (Read my review of this book)

2. The DUFF by Kody Keplinger

I saw this movie a little while back and thought it was hilarious. I’m also a huge fan of Mae Whitman so that could have been why I liked the movie so much (Parenthood, anyone?) but I knew I wanted to read the book at some point, regardless. I also got this book for my Kindle for only $2.99!

That concludes my first-ever book related blog post. Hope it was enjoyable! Feel free to send me some of your book recommendations for summer and let me know who your favorite author is, I always love adding new books to my to-read list!

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