Welcome to Friday! How’s it going? I’m back with another chit chat post. This week I started a new job and I figured I should probably fill you guys in on what has been happening. So, here we go… I started working for Henkels & McCoy (yes, Ryan works for them too!) as an office clerk. Right now I’ve been helping with new hires, making lots of copies, and sorting forms. I have to work 6 days a week (yes, I work Saturdays) and I’m at the office for over 12 hours/day (mostly just waiting for Ryan to be able to leave) but it has honestly been kind of fun! I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll be wanting to just curl up in a ball and sleep forever but I really like everyone I’m working with and I don’t have to dress up and I get to make binders so like, what more could I ask for? The #KaylaBlogsAnnualPlannerPost is ALMOST HERE! Stay tuned. There have been some awesome developments over the last two weeks and I’m so excited about the brands I’ll be working with. I’m bringing back some brands from last year but I’m making sure there… View Post

For the next installment of my “How to Apply to SLP Graduate School” series, I’ve decided to talk about letters of recommendation (LOR). Obtaining the required number of LORs is a pretty stressful process. Each school requires a different number of letters and sometimes the person writing them must have a specific relationship to you (professor, supervisor, licensed SLP with CCC’s) which can make things a bit complicated. This post is filled with tips for you to ensure you have a smooth experience asking for LORs! Start early. My biggest piece of advice is to START EARLY. Be proactive! At Temple there are GPA and grade requirements you must meet in order to ask for LORs. We had to have a minimum GPA of 3.00, a B or better in the course(s) taught by the faculty members who are being asked to write the letters, and have no more than one grade of C in any course in the undergraduate major. Think about the professors you want to ask for letters as early as the start of your sophomore year. In your second year, you’ll begin taking more classes related to your major. Be sure to make a good impression on your professors… View Post

It’s that time of year! If you’ll be applying to grad school in the fall/winter that means you’re already thinking of the GRE and (hopefully) you’ve begun studying. When it came to the GRE I was mostly just in denial that it was even happening for a long time until probably about a month before. 0/10 do not recommend. You need TIME to study and do the best you can. I have a few common questions about the GRE listed here along with my answers. Some Q’s were submitted by you guys too so thank you for that! Also just wanted to let you know that this post is the first one in a series of “Let’s Apply to SLP Grad School” posts! If you’re a future SLP grad student and you’d like to see a specific post please leave a comment down below with your questions! How do I not fail? Good question @Gabby ~ hopefully this post will teach you how to not fail When should we take it? What’s the general timeline for applying to grad school? For speech, all of my applications had to be in by February 1st. My first deadline was December 15th I believe.… View Post

Hopefully you guys are liking these because I’m back with yet another life update post! I have really been loving chatting with y’all about what has been happening around these parts (please read that in a strong southern accent). Here’s what’s new since the last time we chatted: I’ve been uploading weekly on YouTube! I have so many fun ideas for future videos this summer so make sure you’re subscribed. I graduated college! I still can’t believe it honestly but I’m so happy and relieved to be finished at Temple University. My brother graduated high school! This was a pretty big deal because we weren’t sure if he could do it (jk). He’s officially one step closer to starting school at the University of Virginia in just a few short weeks. Since he’ll be a student-athlete they want them to take a summer course so he’ll be moved in and ready to go at the beginning of July! Lord help us all. I start work next week. Ryan is already up in the Scranton area for work but I’ll be joining him next week to begin working on the project with him. I’ll just be an office “clerk” for the… View Post

As you probably know, I am 100% obsessed with my Day Designer (affiliate link). It took me years to find a planner that could handle my copious amounts of writing and list making and although the Day Designer is a little bit bulkier than most planners, it works wonders for me. I spent a bit of my afternoon getting things set up and writing some dates in it. I haven’t received my grad school schedule yet but I did get my dates for orientation! My first day of orientation is August 22nd and it goes until August 28th. My first day of classes is August 29th! I’m really excited for what grad school has in store for me but I’m also super nervous about what it’ll be like. Here’s what I typically do when I’m setting up my planner: Add important dates. First thing’s first, I added my orientation dates and the move-in date for our new apartment. Since orientation is a scheduled event I put washi on each day and wrote the times and location down. I also put some washi in to signify the first day of classes. Monthly checklist. Since I’m starting grad school at a whole new… View Post