What’s On My Christmas List? + An Announcement!

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Obviously the best part of the holidays is getting gifts for other people. But it’s starting to get to be that time where my mom starts hounding me for a Christmas list. I never expect to receive everything on my list, but I figured you guys might be interested in seeing what I’m asking Santa for this year!

As for the announcement part, I have two:

1. I’M DOING VLOGMAS! Subscribe to me here and I’m going to try to send out an update of all the videos through my newsletter so if you’re not subscribed to that you can do so here.

2. #KaylaBlogsHoliday is BACK! If you snap a pretty holiday pic make sure you include that hashtag. I’ll share my favorites in my newsletter and on the site on Christmas Day. You don’t have to be a blogger to participate but your IG has to be public for me to see it!

Now, let’s get to the Christmas list. Let me know if you’re asking for any of the same things in the comments!

Apple Watch

I love my Fitbit Charge 2, but after seeing so many amazing reviews and uses for the Apple Watch, I can’t help but want to finally make that leap. I have an iPhone, a Mac, and now the AirPods and would love to have everything streamlined. There are so many amazing features of the Apple Watch besides just tracking steps that I really love.


Looks so comfy cozy! I definitely want one with a pattern that’s retro looking.


Pretty much always a great gift when it comes to me. I have a lot I haven’t read yet but that doesn’t stop me from wanting more…

Small Crossbody

Ryan got me a beautiful Tory Burch purse for my 21st birthday that I’ve been using religiously for over a year and a half but since getting the iPhone 7 plus, it no longer fits in that bag. I’ve been eyeing this Michael Kors one! Really my only requirements are that it’s brown and it fits my iPhone.

Essie Nail Polish

Most of you know that I have quite the collection but I love adding more to it! The Essie Wild Nudes collection is one that I’d love to own more shades from. And the Holiday 2017 collection!

Lululemon Leggings

My mom got me a grey pair and now that I’m obsessed with them I’m wishing for a black pair next!


I love burning candles when I’m cozied up and watching TV! I’ve been loving the scents at Bath & Body Works lately like this one and this one and this one.

Cozy Sweaters/Sweatshirts

I always love getting sweaters and sweatshirts because I love being comfy!


Always appreciated.

Adidas Ultraboosts

Ryan loves shoes and he’s had a pair of these for a while and I love them and he’s always talking about how comfy they are. Definitely want a pair for myself, especially since we’re traveling a lot in the coming weeks!

A new Wet Brush

I loveeee my Wet Brush but I’ve used it so much the little beads on the end of the brush spokes (I have no idea if that’s what they’re actually called) are coming off!

What are you asking for for Christmas this year?

  • I’m making the switch from Fitbit to Apple Watch this Christmas too! My third replacement Fitbit broke and my warranty is out so I thought now would be the perfect time!

    • Avery Cegielski

      I’ve heard the Apple Watch is so much more convenient too!!!

    • I loved Fitbit for the past two years but I am definitely ready for something else. I just don’t think they’re made to be durable which stinks

  • Avery Cegielski

    I made a gift guide post on my blog along with an app I found that’s great for making a Christmas Wish list check it out!!! Happy Blogmas!


  • Shelby Stover

    Ohh a wetbrush would be awesome!

  • Laura Sowder

    Any gifts you might suggest for someone who is going to grad school for SLP next year? I know before I leave for school I’ll want a new lunchbox and a clipboard, but I thought I might ask someone who is currently in school for any suggestions of what I might need!

    • Hi Laura! Great question! Clipboards that have storage in the back are a MUST. You might want to ask for a laminator & laminating sheets if you feel like that’s something you’ll use (some programs have their own but I’ve liked the ability to create materials at home) and velcro dots. I go through them so quickly, especially with my child clients. A good water bottle… a pen light is a good thing to have too! Hope that helps!

  • I was thinking about asking for a Wet Brush for Christmas too, they seem like such a neat item!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

    • They are awesome and not too expensive, either!

  • I want an Apple Watch so badly!! I love getting candles. Especially the volcano candles!

    • What the heck is a volcano candle??? Lmk. Also yeah, I’m not sure if I’ll get it but I’ve been wearing a fitbit for 2 years so I know I can handle wearing and using a smart watch!

  • Azanique

    I just added the Fitbit to my list! Candles are always my go-to gift for myself and others.

    -xo, Azanique | http://www.lotsofsass.com

    • I love lighting candles whenever I’m home relaxing and watching tv! Such a great gift!

  • I’ve never heard of the Wet Brush before but it sounds super cool! How well does it actually work?

    • I think it works really well on my wet hair. They make different brushes for different hair types which I think it awesome. I have pretty thin, straight hair but I think it works well for me!

  • Candles are always a good gift!!

  • Miss ALK

    I shared my Christmas list on my blog too- I love seeing what others want as well, so fun. 😉 Good for you for doing Vlogmas- that’s amazing!

    xoxo A

    • Thanks Annaliese! Yeah, I love reading about what other’s want for Christmas so I decided to share too! I hope you get everything you ask for! <3

  • Candles and books are always a good idea haha!

  • Amy

    I’ve been loving your vlogmas vlogs!! I kinda want to do it next year!

    • Thanks Amy! You should! It can be tough to film on days where there isn’t much going on but I like to improvise.

  • I love your Vlogmas videos! And thank you for posting your wishlist because now I have things to add to my wishlist as well LOL

  • Oh my gosh, good luck with vlogmas!!

  • You are amazing! I couldn’t handle school, blogging, and vlogging all during the holidays. I’m excited to watch your vlogs. I had so many of the same items on my holiday wish list. I’d love a crossbody bag. I ended up asking for a Mark Jacobs bag too. Lululemon leggings are so comfortable. I’d love to receive a pair.


    • Aww, thank you so much! It definitely can be stressful at times but I make room for the creative things I love doing like blogging and vlogging! I hope you get everything you ask for for Christmas!

  • Mary Duggan

    Ugh Kayla, now I want this MK bag!! It’s a great price. What color do ya want? I can’t decide between oyster and acorn.

    xo | easilyinspired-blog.com

    • Hahaha sorry!!! I like the Acorn color! Let me know if you get it!

  • I’d love an Apple Watch

  • Paige Rankin

    Your tree is so cute! I love lululemon leggings as well. Have you ever tried the Zella ones from Nordstrom? VERY similar and like half the price.

    xoxo, Paige

    • I haven’t, I’ll have to look into them! Thanks Paige!

  • Cute! I’ve been thinking about getting my bf an Apple Watch for Chrismas 😛 Hope you get everything you want!

  • I’ve added Patagonia fleece to my Christmas list! They’re so comfy and cozy looking, not to mention the brand promotes ethical fashion!

  • This is a great list! I love my Wet Brush AND my Apple Watch – two things I cannot live without!