Thankful Thursday

Phew. It’s week two of Thankful Thursday and this post is much needed, I think. Tuesday’s election rocked the country and a lot of us are left reeling, trying to wrap our minds around how this is possible. However, Thankful Thursday is about cherishing and reflecting on the good and making sure we don’t lose sight of that. So take a second today to think about what you’re grateful for. I love you all and thank you for reading!

baby pumpkin

I want to preface this by saying that I’m not ranking these things in order of importance. I also know that I have a LOT to be thankful for and I can’t possibly list everything in just 4 blog posts. I have a great life; I am truly blessed and I know it. Now, let’s get started with this week’s Thankful Thursday!

1. Freedom of speech

2. Family gatherings

3. Blankets fresh out of the dryer

4. The right to vote

5. Comedy that makes you laugh so hard you cry

6. Freshly painted nails (and no smudges)

7. Food, water, electricity

8. Target

9. Feeling safe in my community

10. Being able to help others

11. Financial stability

12. The blogging community

13. Afternoons with my grandmother

14. Babies

15. Puppy kisses

16. Sincere words of encouragement

17. Sunny afternoons

18. Those days where you drive down back roads blasting music with the windows down

19. Starry nights

20. Sprinkled doughnuts

  • Belle Bermudez-Tubel

    Love this post! It’s always nice to be grateful of all the blessings that you have, even the littlest ones.

    One Awesome Momma

  • Yes to all these!! Especially #8, 12 & 18!
    xo, Syd

  • LOVE this, especially #3, #6, #8, and #14!


  • I like that you’re taking the time to actually write down what you’re thankful for. This is really something that everyone should do more often.

  • Oh my gosh I love this post!! so cute.

  • This is so cute. Yes to Target! Glad you could make this post today due to this insane week we’ve had. Keep being thankful!

    Sunny |

  • Melissa Chee

    Love all the positivity

  • Jolina

    We need more posts like this! Love blankets fresh out of the dryer too. And sprinkled doughnuts of course :)

  • mckenna bleu

    I love this time of year for the holidays and family gatherings! Love being around my family!

  • I definitely indulged in some post-election donuts, and the trip to the store was a windows-down music blasting kind of drive. The little things really do make such a big difference!

  • Kristine Circenis

    So, so much love for this post and your previous post like this. Every day, especially since Tuesday, I am trying extra, extra hard to focus on all of the good things in my lief and how I can help others create good in their lives or find good in their lives. Much love to you, girlie!

  • These are some wonderful things to be thankful for, I love Thankful Thursdays!


    Lee Anne

  • Shannon Paige

    These are all so great! Being grateful can change your whole perspective. I think it’s something a lot more people in this world can benefit from, especially now! *

  • Greta Hollar

    Such a great thing to do before Halloween! Love this idea!

    Greta |

  • Elly Leavitt

    Tbh I am thankful for all donuts in general haha and yes to Target! love the positivity following Tuesday’s results x

  • Ah, I love this! Today I am thankful for a warm, dry, comfortable home; the good health of my family; the companionship of my dog; and Internet that works! Most importantly, I am thankful I feel safe in my community, and I am glad you do, too.

  • blankets fresh out of the dryer and puppy kisses! yes! I love this.

  • Love this! Can I also mention that I just LOVE the picture you’ve taken for this post? So fall-ish!

  • Rachel Mariana Timmerman

    Love this! There’s always so much to be thankful for :)

  • Michelle Champalanne

    This was a really cute post idea! I think it’s so important to sit down every once in a while and remember all the big and little things you have to be thankful for! :)

  • Love this sentiment! Really puts the little joys of life into perspective

  • I love this! And I love sprinkled donuts too! Always good to remember the things we’re thankful for :)

  • Such a sweet post :) And a great reminder that there is so much positive in the world!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  • I always do some sort of gratitude post around Thanksgiving, but this year, with so much on my plate I’ve completely forgotten! Thank you for the reminder – and for leading by example. XO

  • Such a great post – and so timely with the election last week and Thanksgiving around the corner.
    XO Amanda |