5 Apps to Make Living With Roommates Easier

Apps for Rommates

I’ve had the same roommate since my freshman year (s/o Kelly), but we haven’t always been so in sync. Over the years, we’ve come across a few apps that we absolutely can’t see ourselves living without. Whether you’re moving in with your best friend or a total stranger, these apps will definitely come in handy!


apps for roommates venmo

Venmo is the BEST. It’s so easy to use and definitely one we couldn’t live without. Sometimes we spot each other a few bucks for pizza or Chinese or buy each other some groceries. We can easily charge each other & get our money back with Venmo! It’s great because I never have cash, but I can still make sure I pay my friends back! We also use it to pay each other for utilities which is very clutch.


I don’t always use this app because my roommates are pretty courteous, but sometimes you just need something to block out the noise! The WhiteNoise app is the best because you can choose from an array of soothing sounds that’ll either put you to sleep, or drown out the TV so you can get back to studying!


apps for roommates anylist

I actually just started using this with Ryan this summer. It’s a grocery list that you can have multiple collaborators on. That way, if one of you goes to the store, you can see what the house needs and maybe pick up a few of those things as well! When you add items to the list, it’ll also group them by category which makes grocery shopping a breeze. Definitely going to try to use this app this year!


This is another new app that I’ve come across, but UpTo will definitely come in handy this year! I typically will make an Excel sheet of everyone’s schedules and print them out so we all know who has class when, but this app will make it 10x easier! There’s also a feature to add your favorite TV shows and other events into the calendar as well.


Even though I feel like everyone probably has this app already, Netflix has been a really fun way for my roommates and I to bond. We watch new shows together and put on random movies after a long day of classes. It’s a great way to unwind while also spending time with those roomies!


apps for roommates

What apps would you recommend?

  • Natasha Rulason

    I love Venmo! It definitely makes it way easier to split utilities because I hardly ever have cash. I haven’t heard of Anylist before, but I might have to check it out! It seems like it would be super useful for my roommate and me.

  • Venmo is an absolute life saver! Been using it for years and it’s so, so convenient.

  • I love this! Venom seems like such a handy app to have and unto sounds awesome!


  • mQs

    Venmo is seriously a lifesaver when it comes to paying bills!

  • Sydney Power

    That is so cool! I need to check these out!

  • These apps all look amazing especially the first one, I’ve never lived with roommates but I can imagine these making it so much easier!

    La Belle Sirene

  • Sarah Louise Zerbe

    I personally never had a good experience with roommates, but a lot of my friends did. These apps look like they would help though!

    Sarah || http://stylishsassyandclassy.com/

  • adriana nudo

    I love this! I commuted in college, but sometimes I really wish I had a chance to have roommates!

  • I already have Netflix and Venmo, but thanks for sharing! I want to check out that grocery list app and Upto!


  • Great list! I wish I had venmo in college! It would have definitely made splitting bills easier!


  • victoria lee (@ohmissengineer)

    I know this is probably not typical, but my roommate in college and I used the basic “Find My Friend” app for emergencies/bad dates/heads up. If I was on a blind date, and I didn’t come home by the time I said I’d be home, she’d text me to make sure I was ok and know where to come pick me up if I wasn’t.

    Victoria | Oh Miss Engineer

  • How awesome! I wish some of these apps were around (or that I thought to use them) when I was in college living with roomies. So helpful!

  • Kayleigh

    Venom was such a key utility when I had roommates! Same with sharing locations

  • As I’m about to move in with a new roommate I so appreciate this list!

  • Greta Hollar

    I needed this when I had roommates! It should work for husbands too right? :)

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

  • Venmo is by far the best app for collecting rent and utilities, since you can have the money transferred into your bank account the next day! Didn’t know about Anylist or Upto… definitely going to try those out. Thanks for sharing, Kayla!