This weekend, Ryan took me to Lake Erie to celebrate the 4th of July! We left on Friday afternoon and took the 2 hour drive up to the lake. It was our first time there and we weren’t really sure what to expect. Once we got there, we checked into our hotel and drove right over to the lake. We spent the majority of our weekend on Presque Isle lounging at the beaches and taking bike rides around the isle. We watched fireworks along the bay to end the night on July 4th and the next day we took a boat tour to get one last look around Lake Erie and Presque Isle. If nothing else, the weekend taught us how much we want a boat of our own one day! Take a look at some pictures from our weekend! I’m excited to have crossed off another item on my Pittsburgh bucket list. On our way up to Lake Erie! Relaxing in the hotel before heading to the lake! Our first glimpse at Lake Erie! Me standing in front of my first Great Lake! Bike riding around Presque Isle was so much fun! The water was too cold for me but it… View Post

This summer, I have an internship in Pittsburgh. I have until mid-August to do some cool things here and I figured I’d let you know what my list consists of. For the things we’ve already done, I’ve added some pictures and a blurb about our time at the place/event. If you live in Pittsburgh or know of some other cool things to do while I’m here, tell me! I’m very open to expanding this list. 1. Visit the Andy Warhol Museum We went to the museum on Sunday, June 28th. We each got in for the student price (we’ve been using our Temple ID’s everywhere around here!) and they told us to start on the 7th floor and work our way down. The top floor was all about Warhol’s childhood and schooling and each level we went down was a different decade. I learned a lot of things about him that I hadn’t known before. The art was really cool although I am the farthest thing from an art critic! It took us about an hour to get through the whole museum. Here’s a picture of me standing in the hallway entrance because you aren’t allowed to take pictures inside… View Post