Some Current Favorites

I love seeing posts where people talk about their favorites and what they’re loving lately! I’m trying to share more “lifestyle” posts here so I hope you’ve been loving them! I have a few new college/holiday posts up my sleeve for the coming months as well. Get hyped.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been obsessing over lately, let me know if you’ve used/liked any of these things too!

5 year journal

5 year journal

I talked about my 5 Year Journal before after I just bought it! It has almost been a month and I’ve written in it every single day. It’s really such an awesome way to get me to think about my day and reflect on my mood and stuff. There’s really not a ton of space so I only hit the highlights but you can really use it however you want! I think it would make an awesome gift for the holidays too. Here’s the journal I have! It’s really high quality and I love the paper.

Zebra midliner highlighters

You might’ve seen these highlighters all over “studyblrs” and “studygrams”. They’re pastel highlighters that I love using in my planner and my notes. One of the sides has a marker tip and the other side is a highlighter. They’re freakin’ awesome and if you’re looking for something fun and aesthetically pleasing to use in your notes, I highly suggest these!

Mind Hunter

Ryan and I finished this show on Netflix a few weeks ago and I’m still thinking about it! You guys know I love psychological thrillers and this show was perfect. If you haven’t watched it yet, or if you’re going through withdrawals after Stranger Things, you should definitely look into it.

Lululemon leggings

lululemon leggings

When my fam and I were in Charlottesville we did a little shopping. I had been coveting a pair of Lululemon leggings but didn’t want to blow an absurd amount of money on them. When we went into the Lululemon store in Cville, my mom found a pair on sale for like $50 and she bought them for me because she’s a gem. Let me tell ya. They are awesome! I totally understand the hype around them but I still don’t know if they’re worth the insane price tag. The 7/8 length is the perfect length on me!

Tote bag

I’ve had to carry my fair share of assessments from the clinic to my apartment lately and this tote from Society 6 is my favorite! This is the exact one I have but there are so many to choose from and they’re all such high quality. I bought mine to carry library books originally but I’ve been using it for soooo many things lately.

  • Mikayla Ryan

    Oh my goodness I just finished Mind Hunter on Netflix and am so anticipating the next season! I love that journal idea and now I know what to add to my Christmas list for the holidays!

    • Me too! I can’t wait. My boyfriend and I just finished Stranger Things last night!

  • I’ll definitely check out Mind Hunter. It keeps popping up as a recommended show for me.

  • That tote bag you got is so cute! Anything book related is cute to me though Lol

    • I originally bought it to carry my library books but I’ve been using it for school stuff and extra clothes… it’s such a great, sturdy bag you could probably use it for groceries too!

  • I’ve seen pastel highlighters all over Pinterest. My current set of highlighters is almost out of ink. When they run out, I’m buying these highlighters.

    • They seriously make my day better. They’re so pretty!

  • I LOVE Mind Hunter! It is such an interesting show.

  • Cristina Mandujano

    I have a similar journal that I love! It’s one of the 5-year journals where you write a bit each day and this is my first year doing it. I can’t imagine it being 2022 and me looking back on what I was doing in 2017 but it sounds so cool! I love posts like these — you should do them once a month cuz I’m always nosy what people are loving!