Chit Chat + Life Updates | No. 9

Hey guys!!! I hope you haven’t forgotten about me. I wanted to share an update on what has been going on with me the past two weeks since this weekend Ryan and I are keeping it low-key and spending our LDW at home in West Chester. Right now, he’s got college football on so I figured I’d take a few minutes and write this post because I feel like I’ve been SO out of touch with the blogging world!

  • I’ve been (sorta) busy starting grad school?! I know, I can’t believe it either. These past two weeks have been an absolute whirlwind and I already feel like I’m so far behind but it’s FINE, I’m loving every second and I’m loving my new classmates!

ud ID

  • I got an ~official~ clinic badge and I was pretty emotional about it! I remember looking up to the grad students at my undergrad program and envying their “graduate student clinician” badges so getting my own with my name emblazoned on it was a big deal for me. I also was assigned to my very first client! I am being supervised, of course, but it’s still a huge step and really exciting to be able to participate in therapy instead of just observing.

student clinician badge

  • I started classes this past Tuesday and I’ve already had to do SO much reading. It’s crazy that the first week has only just ended and I’m already feeling swamped with readings but things could definitely be worse!
  • My planner has been a LIFE SAVER. I’m already relying on it so much and am loving my method of keeping track of assignments and color coding. A post will definitely be coming soon to the blog!
  • I attended my first UD football game! Spent some time with some awesome girls in my cohort and we got a pic with YouDee, the Delaware mascot!


  • I’m also making time for my high school friends! My best friend Kelsey has moved home and I’m excited that she’ll be able to come see me in West Chester and I got lunch with my friend Lauren on Friday which was so fun! She is student teaching and had an inservice day. Meeting up for lunch and discussing our careers and “big girl” stuff was so crazy but I loved it!
  • The apartment is coming together slowly but surely. I was super unmotivated to unpack by myself so Ryan and I spent weekends unpacking and building IKEA furniture. I never ever want to move again lol.
  • My old roommate Jess came to town last weekend and we went to brunch! She’s a huge foodie like Ryan and I and she’s always down to try a new place.
  • Speaking of brunch, Ryan and I have tried out so many food places that it’s ridiculous. It’s our goal to try every brunch spot and decide which is the best. Still TBD. Let me know if you want me to write a post about West Chester because I think I could at this point!
  • We also hit up King of Prussia and tried a new spot for dinner called City Works AND we got some donuts at Duck Donuts. If you saw my latest IG post, you’ll know how I felt about them. YUM.

duck donuts

What has been going on with you?! Have your classes started? What class are you most excited about this semester? Have you tried a new food spot recently? Let’s chat about it below!

  • Faith

    It seems like you’re doing good! (Despite the business) I love hearing about your gradschool and speech pathology stuff! I’m a special education major so I find it so intersting!

  • Congrats on all of your accomplishments in your Masters degree – I love reading your Chit Chat posts!! My classes haven’t started yet, but I’ve been spending time exploring my campus & found a great poke & acai bowl spot just down the street from my dorm.

  • Sounds like lots of good things are happening! Grad school sounds so scary to me right now, but my goal is to start working towards it. I really need to visit the school I’m looking at. Any tips for grad school visits?

    – Courtney

  • I’ve moved so many times in my life, and I love the idea of unpacking….. but then I give up about an hour or two in. I’ve been in my new dorm for about a month and I’m still not completely decorated. It’s fine.