I feel like this winter has been never-ending and it’s even worse when there are no snow days to make up for it! It’s been hard for me to get out of a blogging slump with this terrible weather lingering, but since today the high was 40 degrees I figured since it’s basically spring I should blog! So, without further ado, here are 5 things that I am currently “obsessed” with. 1. My Brand-New Plum Paper Student Planner. I’m addicted to planners. Seriously. No, I’m not joking. I want to buy ALL THE PLANNERS. I bought a MayDesigns planner over the summer to use this year and it just wasn’t working out. The boxes were too small for me to write all the things I wanted to keep track of. Here’s a picture of my beautiful new planner from Plum Paper Designs on Etsy. 2. Parks and Recreation. The season finale is on Tuesday. I literally cannot believe that this show is coming to an end. Of course, I only started watching the show on Netflix a little over a year ago probably, but it has quickly become one of my favorites. I absolutely adore this show and all of the characters and I’m really,… View Post

I’ll admit it, since the semester started I’ve not only been super busy, but I’ve also found myself in a blogging slump. I’ve thought about blogging often and I’ve even opened up a new post and started at the white space for a solid 5 minutes. But when it came to actually putting something down on the page, I was at a loss. I know that most bloggers have experienced some sort of slump which is why I wanted to share some ways to get back on your blogging game! 1. Stop caring about what your readers will think (sort of) Obviously, you still want people to read your blog so you shouldn’t write about things that could only possibly pertain to you. But you shouldn’t be afraid to write something because you don’t think your followers will read it. You never know! Post it anyway! 2. Catch up with your favorite blogs I spent the past hour browsing Bloglovin’ and catching up on my favorite blogs. Reading new posts and scrolling through my feed is a great way to get some inspiration and get excited to start blogging again! 3. Write what you know Obviously, I’m going through a… View Post

My first blog post was published on July 14th, 2014. I didn’t really know what I was doing or what I was getting myself into when I started a month ago, but I am so glad I did it. Blogging has opened up to me a brand new community of such happy, outgoing, creative, interesting people. Having only been blogging for a month, I realized that it’s nearly impossible to know exactly what you’re doing from the get-go. So don’t stress about it! For example, since I started my blog I have… changed my blog title 3 times changed my blog theme 4-5 times considered deleting it twice changed my blog’s twitter handle made two different email accounts for the blog At first, I was totally embarrassed that I kept changing my blog title but hey, you have to find something you love and something that sticks. Kayla Blogs content covers a lot of bases so I needed something that would work with everything I plan on blogging about. Even though I’ve only just started this blog, I’ve already learned QUITE a few things (stemming from mistakes, mostly) and I’d like to share them with you. Here we go. 1. Wait until you have… View Post

    This post contains Amazon affiliate links. I love shopping for school supplies. Every year, I look forward to back-to-school shopping to prepare myself for a new and successful school year! Since I’ve started college, however, I am becoming more frugal and am getting used to the idea of reusing some of the same supplies for more than one year. I’ve found that binders have a longer lifespan when they aren’t being thrown in lockers and piled on top of one another and carried around the halls! 😉 When I started my freshman year at Temple, I wasn’t sure what I would need for college and what supplies should be left back in high school. Here is my must-have college school supply list for all of you who are starting to get those supplies together! If you already have these items lying around the house you should definitely use them! Any way to save money helps, trust me. 1. 1″ Binder, one for each class (depending on your schedule) I don’t like to use one master binder because I find it too bulky and heavy to carry around in my backpack all the time. However, if you scheduled a lot of… View Post