This post contains some affiliate links. Meaning if you buy one of these planners by clicking the link in my post, I get a little rent money. Thank you for your support! Make sure you check out the most recent version of this post by clicking the image below! Since summer is going way too quickly (it’s almost July.. what?!) I decided to write up a post about how to find the best planner to suit your needs. I finally found the best planner for me at the end of last year and I couldn’t be more excited about ordering a new one in a few days! The easiest way to figure out what planner works best for you is to first sit down and think about what you’ll use it for. I use my planner mostly for school-related things such as writing down assignments, marking exam dates, and keeping track of readings. I also use it to track meeting dates and events for my frat and my work schedule. When life gets busy for me, it gets REALLY busy and I needed a planner that I could either section off or one that already had sections for me. I… View Post

During my freshman year of college, I had no idea what to expect. Here are 5 basic tips that worked for me during my first month of college.… View Post

    This post contains Amazon affiliate links. I love shopping for school supplies. Every year, I look forward to back-to-school shopping to prepare myself for a new and successful school year! Since I’ve started college, however, I am becoming more frugal and am getting used to the idea of reusing some of the same supplies for more than one year. I’ve found that binders have a longer lifespan when they aren’t being thrown in lockers and piled on top of one another and carried around the halls! 😉 When I started my freshman year at Temple, I wasn’t sure what I would need for college and what supplies should be left back in high school. Here is my must-have college school supply list for all of you who are starting to get those supplies together! If you already have these items lying around the house you should definitely use them! Any way to save money helps, trust me. 1. 1″ Binder, one for each class (depending on your schedule) I don’t like to use one master binder because I find it too bulky and heavy to carry around in my backpack all the time. However, if you scheduled a lot of… View Post