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Hi guys!!! I promise I’m still here! I’ve been lurking on Instagram and Twitter (I even did a “day in my life” on IG stories this week) but it’s just not the same when I’m not hitting publish on a blog post! A few months ago I asked you to fill out a reader survey (if you haven’t done it you can fill it out here!) and a lot of you said you liked and wanted to see more personal posts and life updates throughout grad school. Welp, here ya go! Here’s what has been going on with me lately:

  • Slowly but surely getting into a grad school routine! I’ve had my first few exams and while they were most definitely not easy (professors in grad school grade you way harder than in undergrad!) I survived. Grad school is also unlike undergrad in that you actually have to do the readings! I’ve cracked open every single book I bought/rented this year and that’s more than I can say for most of my undergrad semesters.
  • I’ve been loving the fall-ish weather that has been going on although this past weekend it’s was back in the 80s so I guess that was short-lived. I love fall but I hate winter so I guess if fall wants to take its time then that’s fine with me! But I’m really excited to bust my sweaters out.
  • I’m SO happy that This Is Us is back for season 2! I haven’t been able to watch on Tuesday nights but I am still caught up with last week and this week. I haven’t really cried that much over these first two episodes but I am really curious about Jack’s death and I hope we find out soon! Basically anything that relates to Jack I’m just very NOT OKAY so I’m a little bit afraid to know but also this has been such a drawn out cliffhanger like, come on just tell us!
  • If you have me on snap then you prob saw that I’ve also been watching Riverdale! I’m only three episodes in (before I had to turn it off and try to get some work done) but I’m already loving it. It’s the type of show I love to read. If that makes sense? It’s super thriller-y and mysterious but not scary. Anyway I’m definitely going to keep watching and hopefully I’ll be caught up soon so I can watch season 2!
  • Ryan turned 27 since the last time we chatted! I know, it’s crazy, he’s practically 30. I bought him an ice cream cake (his favorite) and took him to dinner at one of the places in town. I love making a big deal about his birthday because he never was really into his birthday growing up (or so he says). This year, I bought a big “happy birthday” banner at Target and hung it up in the kitchen. DEF will be busting it out every year from now on.
  • We went to a food truck festival last weekend in Phoenixville and it was so much fun! We had loaded tater tots, mini cinnamon donuts that were literally to die for (here’s the truck’s website), empanadas, and Ryan got himself and my dad a roast beef sandwich. SO much food but it was all so good! I wish I took more pictures so I could show you!
  • I also got my hair cut last weekend! Back to a shorter length and I got the blonde toned down a bit since fall is here. Pics soon!
  • Ryan and I have been taking almost nightly walks around town and I’ve been loving it. It’s the perfect way to keep myself active after sitting in class and then sitting in the car for upwards of 5 hours a day and we love seeing what’s going on. I learned that taking just a 20 minute walk does wonders for your brain so I’m on a mission to go on more walks until it gets too cold!

What have you been up to so far? Have you knocked anything off of your fall bucket list? I’m hoping to get to a pumpkin patch sometime soon with Ryan and I kind of want to do a haunted hayride but I absolutely hate being scared. Am I crazy? I think so!!! Drop me a line in the comments, I’d love to chat with you!