As 2016 comes to a close, I can’t help but want to reflect on everything that has happened this year. 2017 is going to be a big year (graduating college & hopefully starting grad school in an unknown city?!) but before we get to all that, I wanted to hit the highlights on my favorite parts of this year! Cancun, Mexico Ryan and I kicked off 2016 in Cancun which was a lot of fun! I enjoyed being able to sunbathe, swim, and read to start the year and I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be starting 2017 the same way (but more on that later). We stayed at a resort that was absolutely stunning and I wish I could have spent every day in 2016 there! 2016’s Epic Food I’ve definitely indulged in some great food this year! When compiling these photos for this post, I’ve actually felt impressed with the different places I’ve found this year. Pics in order from first to last: MacMart, Green Eggs Cafe, El Vez, Green Eggs Cafe (all in Philadelphia), Black Tap (NYC), Hundred Acres (NYC), Jonathon’s (Dallas).  21st Birthday I was excited to celebrate my 21st birthday in West Chester and Philadelphia with… View Post

Merry Christmas everyone! This year I was really excited to participate in the Blogger Secret Santa hosted by Abigail and Cathleen! I had a blast shopping for Abigail, my Secret Santa pal. I’m so excited she loved the gifts I sent. You can check out her post and see the gifts I ended up purchasing for her! My Secret Santa was Gabby from The Swirl and I was SO excited when I found out my package was from her. I pretty much screamed when the box arrived and I saw her name on the return address. I ended up filming a video of my reaction to each of the gifts because I know I love seeing people’s reactions so I wanted Gabby to be able to see that I really, truly loved everything! Now, let’s get into the loot. The first thing I opened was the card because I’m a good person and I actually low key love cards. Gabby wrote me a really sweet note inside that I’ll definitely be keeping forever in my “box of cards”! I laughed when I saw the card because she had featured it on her Instagram a few days prior and I thought it… View Post

This post is sponsored by Wacom and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Kayla Blogs possible! As the Christmas season kicks into high gear, I can’t help but want to share some of the best gifts you could possibly get for the college students in your life. These items are perfect for the male or female student, and I’m sure they’d put a huge smile on their face. If you know someone who is passionate about school and getting good grades, this is the gift guide for them! Wacom Bamboo Folio Most college students are either a laptop person or pen and paper person. The Wacom Bamboo Folio is a perfect compromise. You can leave your laptop at home while you recharge and take notes by hand. My Bamboo Folio allows me to be completely present in the classroom. When I took my laptop to class I almost always got distracted and was unable to focus. But if I bring my Bamboo Folio I know I can unplug for class and get those notes right onto my laptop once i get home! I can transfer my handwritten notes to PDF form… View Post

Finals week is rapidly approaching and I know we could all use all of the tips, tricks, and advice we can get! This post is a round-up of some of the BEST finals and study-related blog posts from actual college students that are going through the same things you are! I hope you’ll check out each of these posts because there’s something new to learn in all of them. Before we get to the round-up, I wanted to share something awesome with y’all that could totally change your college experience. My friend Samantha from As Life Grows has a course titled, Make A’s in College in 8 Days which is an INCREDIBLE resource for current students! Not only will you learn how to prep for finals (which is an awesome resource in and of itself), you’ll also learn how to prepare for the semester ahead, how to take notes in class, how to study, how to write papers, AND a list of great online resources and tools to help you along! Not only is this course packed full of valuable information, it’s also super affordable! For just $55 or two payments of $30, you can have unlimited, lifetime access to all… View Post

It’s officially December and the perfect opportunity add some festive fun in your life! Today’s post is a bucket list for all things holiday related. I can’t wait to see the photos and hear about your adventures! Tag your Christmassy photos with #KaylaBlogsHoliday and I’ll share my favorite festive pictures on December 25th. Yay! This is the first time I’ve done a hashtag and I can’t wait to see the beautiful pictures y’all post. If you’re planning to participate in this holiday bucket list, make sure you share this infographic or print it so you can check off the items as you finish. Don’t forget to share your holiday bucket list photos with the hashtag #KaylaBlogsHoliday! What’s on your bucket list this holiday season?