chit chat and life updates 8

It’s Friday yet again and I’m back with another life update post! I planned on doing these every other week but I actually have some fun stuff to share so we’re gonna chat today. Last week I asked Ryan to write what he’s been up to because I miss #Rydays. If you’re new here, my boyfriend Ryan used to come on the blog on Fridays and write some posts! You can check out past Rydays here. Anyway, I asked him to answer some questions last week but he got too busy during the day and couldn’t fill them out by the time I wanted to publish my post. Soooo I’m sharing his answers this week!

Watching: Game Of Thrones, Master Of None, Better Call Saul, Harry Potter (every time Kayla finishes a book we watch the movie!)
Listening to: Post Malone and awaiting his new album Beer Bongs & Bentleys
Dreaming of: Nashville
Eating: Peanut Butter & Jalapeno Jelly sandwiches. I can only seem to find the Jalapeno Jelly at Target in the summer time!
Learning: That Kayla doesn’t like waking up at 5 am
Wishing: For time off to hang out in West Chester at our new place
Loving: The new brunch spots we are trying out in WC!
Planning: To watch a lot of football very soon! Also vacations!

Here’s what’s going on with me:

  • I finally got my schedule for grad school (see below). I’m SO excited for all the classes I’ll be taking and my schedule is super commuter-friendly. If you didn’t know, I’ll be commuting to Newark from our new apartment in West Chester. It’s about a 40 minute drive. If you’ve commuted to school before, hit me with ALL your tips/tricks/advice!

delaware schedule

  • I’ve gotten myself into a rut with HP. I haven’t read much at all over the past week and I need to get back into it! I’m not even halfway through Order of the Phoenix.
  • My planner post OFFICIALLY went live! I worked super hard on it and I always love scrolling through the finished product. Let me know what you think!
  • Recent purchases: my grad school textbooks (literally shelled out $250 for ONE semester… yikes) and this super cute library card tee from Bookshelf Tees (use the code CLEAROUT for 35% off)
  • This week was my last full week living in Honesdale! I can’t wait to move out and start getting ready for grad school. I have lots of fun back to school posts coming up so I hope you’re getting #excited.

What are you up to? Here are my questions for y’all this week:

  • What’s something fun you did this summer? When do you start school? The best book you read this summer?