I had a totally different post scheduled for today but I just really wanted to talk about my weekend! As I’m sure I’ve said somewhere on the blog before, Ryan travels for his job. Sometimes he has to go somewhere far, and sometimes we get lucky and he’s only a few hours away. Last summer, he was in Pittsburgh and I was #blessed enough to score an amazing internship and stay with him from May-August. This year, he’s living in New York about an hour and a half outside of NYC. Again, I was fortunate enough to find a job working at a great summer camp nearby so Ryan and I won’t have to be so far from each other (yay!). But as I’ve been finishing up classes in Philly these past few weeks, Ryan has been busy working hard for six days a week, 10-12 hours a day. I was lucky to get to see him this past weekend after 2 weeks apart and we definitely had some fun exploring the city! Top (similar) // Sunglasses // Purse Let’s pause and talk about my outfit, shall we? I got this adorable white lace OTS top from H & M for $10! I’m so… View Post

Happy hump day, y’all! I have a fun post here on the blog today. I’m so beyond ready for summer and can’t wait to hit the beach! I have my list of must-haves for the beach and I’m ready to share but before we begin, I want to tell y’all why I love Sakroots so much. Each pattern coordinates to a specific charity. And when you purchase a certain pattern, not only are you supporting the artist who created each pattern but you’re also supporting that charity (#ChooseYourKarma). Scroll down to see which pattern I chose and which charity it benefits! Cute Bathing Suit Of course, you can’t hit the beach without a cute bathing suit! This one pictured is from Victoria’s Secret! I love the color and the scalloped edges. Super cute! A Good Book Most of my time at the beach is spent in a lounge chair reading a good book. When I went to Cancun in January I ended up reading three books in my week there. There’s no better place to read! A Card Game For when my eyes get tired of reading! Skip-Bo is one of my favorite card games to play at the pool or the… View Post

I was gifted this dress from eShakti in exchange for an honest review. Welcome to the first-ever fashion post on Kayla Blogs! A few months ago, I was contacted by eShakti and was asked to review a piece from their website. Before they contacted me, I had never heard of this website before but I quickly learned how great their services are. The awesome thing about eShakti is that you are able to customize your dress when your order it. If I wanted to, I was able to customize the neckline, the skirt length, and the straps to create the perfect dress. I liked this dress the way it was pictured so, instead, I opted to send in my measurements and have them create a dress that fit me like a glove. I’ll be honest, I was worried about how accurate my measurements would be but I triple checked them and was guided along the way by helpful diagrams located on their website. All in all, it was a very smooth process and I really love my new dress! My only complaint is that the straps are a little too big for me but there was no measurement for that on the website. My favorite parts… View Post

I was gifted this watch from JORD in exchange for an honest review. Watches have never been my thing. I’m a huge fan of dainty bracelets and other jewelry but I had never really found a watch that I loved and could see myself wearing often. That is, until I received a watch from JORD. Wooden Watch For Men JORD watches are made from wood and every watch is just a little bit different. I absolutely love this because I’m a huge fan of unique pieces. I chose to go with the “Cora” Maple & Lavender watch. Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous?! Purple is my favorite color so I decided to go with this one. I love how dainty it looks on my wrist and it’s perfect for every day wear. I love the little details in the watch as well. I highly, highly recommend these watches! The customer service was amazing, they even sized the watch for me before sending it out! You’ll probably see this watch appear on my Instagram a lot in the future, so be sure to follow me to see how I style it!