Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links It’s my favorite time of year! Call me crazy, but I love getting my planner ready and organized for a brand new semester. I love printing out a ton of new syllabi and being able to write down all those important dates in my planner. Everyone has their own way of setting up their planner each semester and I’m not saying my way is the only way or the “right” way to organize yourself. This is the setup that works for me and I’m sharing it because maybe you’ll find that it works for you, too! Supplies. Obviously you’ll need your planner. Mine is a Plum Paper ME Planner (aka Family Planner) with all blank sections (we’ll get to how I fill those out in a minute). I use different colored pens or you can use a single colored pen and use some highlighters to differentiate your classes. Totally your choice. Just giving you some options here! I use Sharpie pens and Pilot G2‘s almost exclusively. I love the way they write! Something else you might want to use to spice up your planner are stickers or washi tape. I have a ton of different stickers but… View Post

Welcome back to another week of the Productivity and Time Management Class! If you need a refresher, I’m co-hosting this workshop with two wonderful bloggers, Sara + Dani! If you’d like to join us, just follow along with our blog posts every week (Sara posts on Mondays, I post on Wednesdays, and Dani posts on Fridays!) and join our Facebook group. In the Facebook group, you can get some individualized attention from Sara, Dani, and I and connect with other people who are following along with the class! Last week, I shared how to make the most of your mornings and the week before that was all about getting inspired for a productive month. On Monday, Sara talked about how to budget your time. For this week’s post, I’m going to take the idea of time management and scheduling and give you all a look into how I use Google calendar. I first began using Google calendar in high school. It all started when I got the iPhone 4s and I was able to sync things from the calendar to my iPhone calendar. I originally used it to keep track of my work schedule and other small events that were happening like get togethers with friends or… View Post

So you all must know by now that I am addicted to planners. I can’t help myself. It just feels great to be organized, ya know? I have three planners I’m going to use this year. You’re probably wondering WHY in the world I have three planners. What could I possibly do with three planners?! Well, allow me to tell you a story. I promise I’m not that crazy! Last summer I ordered a May Designs planner. After using it for the fall semester, I realized it was way too small for what I have going on during the year (hint: it’s a LOT). So after some searching, I came across Plum Paper planners. They’re amazing. My planner of choice! There are so many things you can to do customize them it’s insane. And there’s a lot of room for me to write and organize all of my ~activities~. Once I ordered my Plum Paper planner this year, I realized I probably would be running out of room. There are 7 sections I can use to divide up my life but when I started counting all of the things I wanted to keep track of, well, let’s just say it was more… View Post

Hello beautiful planner lovers, this post is for you! I had heard about Day Designer’s partnership with Blue Sky on their Instagram (which I’ve been religiously following since last year) but I wasn’t really sure what it meant. Then yesterday I saw some of my followers posting photos of #DDinTarget and I saw the price: $19.99?! That is the moment I fell in love. If you read my planner guide for college students, you’d know that I’ve been obsessing over Day Designers for a while now. I couldn’t bring myself to buy one for $50 because, let’s face it, I’m broke and I’m really not THAT busy. I couldn’t justify purchasing a $50 planner that would give me a single page to plan out 1 day (I wasn’t even sure I’d need it!). But for $19.99?! I could definitely see myself using it for that price! The search began. I decided that, after work, I would head to my closest Target (it’s on my way home… I’m not that crazy, I swear!), to see if they were in stock. Once I got there, I power-walked to the stationary isle and said a quick prayer to the planner gods. No luck. I perused the… View Post

This post contains some affiliate links. Meaning if you buy one of these planners by clicking the link in my post, I get a little rent money. Thank you for your support! Make sure you check out the most recent version of this post by clicking the image below! Since summer is going way too quickly (it’s almost July.. what?!) I decided to write up a post about how to find the best planner to suit your needs. I finally found the best planner for me at the end of last year and I couldn’t be more excited about ordering a new one in a few days! The easiest way to figure out what planner works best for you is to first sit down and think about what you’ll use it for. I use my planner mostly for school-related things such as writing down assignments, marking exam dates, and keeping track of readings. I also use it to track meeting dates and events for my frat and my work schedule. When life gets busy for me, it gets REALLY busy and I needed a planner that I could either section off or one that already had sections for me. I… View Post