If you’re like me, you’re spending your last week before college doing all of those DIY projects you put off until the last minute. This is a quick and easy project that I absolutely LOVE and get so many compliments on. I did this project last summer and covered the crates with black and white fabric to match my comforter. This year, I bought a new comforter so I figured I’d re-cover the crates and do a DIY blog post for you all! This is what the crates looked like when I made them last summer… also here’s a shameless plug for you to follow me on Instagram! Cute, right?! I loved them, they were so useful last year. Now let me show you how I did it! What You’ll Need 2 (or 3 or 4 or however many you want to do!) regular old crates — You can buy them in many colors at places like Target or Walmart. I bought mine last year at Walmart for super cheap! A square of plywood that fits right inside the crate’s ledge — I took the crates to Lowe’s and they cut the pieces for me so it was very easy!… View Post

This project was super easy and fun! My friend Sarah from Laughs, Crafts & Photographs was over and helped me with this simple but adorable project! Check out her blog for a step-by-step post with high quality pictures! What you need I found everything I needed at Michael’s Craft Store for a little over $20. The most expensive item was the cork squares themselves. I bought them in a pack of 4 for about $16. Next you will need some sort of acrylic paint and brushes. I bought 2 foam brushes (medium size) and I also ended up using a circular foam brush that I had at home already. The brushes were about $1 for two. The paint I bought was Craft Smart acrylic paint and it was under $1 per bottle. I bought colors that would match with my room and the scrapbook paper I bought for my weekly dry erase calendar. I bought a pale blue, purple, light green, and two bottles of white. Although you don’t need them, I also bought stencils because my artistic abilities are not that great lol. The pack had chevron and polka dot patterns among a few others. It was $6 for… View Post

A few weeks ago, I was browsing Pinterest looking for some DIY projects for my apartment and I came across this post. Immediately I thought, I must do this. So cute and simple, but will totally help me stay on top of my assignments and to-do’s! After a trip to Michael’s Crafts, I left without a good picture frame to use for the project. The frames I found were either too big, too small, or too expensive. Womp. Fast forward about a week, and I returned to Michael’s and what do ya know! They were having a sale on the exact size and color picture frames I wanted. 2 frames for only $4! Such a steal and PERFECT for this project! So, I gathered up the rest of the supplies I needed and I left Michael’s with 2 white picture frames (11×14), 8 sheets of coordinating scrapbook paper, and some other supplies needed for another project (here!). My friend Sarah who blogs at Laughs, Crafts & Photographs came over to help me with this project. She wrote up her own amazingly perfect step-by-step tutorial with high-quality pictures that you can find HERE. We had a lot of fun listening to music, chatting, and crafting! What You Need 2 coordinating… View Post