It’s that time of year! If you’ll be applying to grad school in the fall/winter that means you’re already thinking of the GRE and (hopefully) you’ve begun studying. When it came to the GRE I was mostly just in denial that it was even happening for a long time until probably about a month before. 0/10 do not recommend. You need TIME to study and do the best you can. I have a few common questions about the GRE listed here along with my answers. Some Q’s were submitted by you guys too so thank you for that! Also just wanted to let you know that this post is the first one in a series of “Let’s Apply to SLP Grad School” posts! If you’re a future SLP grad student and you’d like to see a specific post please leave a comment down below with your questions! How do I not fail? Good question @Gabby ~ hopefully this post will teach you how to not fail When should we take it? What’s the general timeline for applying to grad school? For speech, all of my applications had to be in by February 1st. My first deadline was December 15th I believe.… View Post

Today is the beginning of the end. I know that sounds super corny, but today marks the first day my last spring semester. This is my last semester of undergrad. Just typing that out feels really weird because I always felt like college was dragging along. But here we are! I was thinking about writing a post about how I prep for the spring semester but then I realized that I had a lot more to say on this momentous occasion so I settled on the idea of writing a post full of advice and my hopes and wishes for this last semester of college. If you’re a senior, maybe this post will make you feel a little nostalgic. Thinking back on the past 7 semesters, I’ve realized just how fast the time has flown! Document everything and live in the moment. Take lots and lots of pictures. Save your Snapchat stories. Write in a journal. Take polaroids. Try to cherish every moment you can. I’m guilty of always trying to fast forward. I can’t wait to graduate, I can’t wait to move on to grad school, I can’t wait to be an SLP. The list goes on and on. I’m trying to get better… View Post

This post is sponsored by Wacom and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Kayla Blogs possible! As the Christmas season kicks into high gear, I can’t help but want to share some of the best gifts you could possibly get for the college students in your life. These items are perfect for the male or female student, and I’m sure they’d put a huge smile on their face. If you know someone who is passionate about school and getting good grades, this is the gift guide for them! Wacom Bamboo Folio Most college students are either a laptop person or pen and paper person. The Wacom Bamboo Folio is a perfect compromise. You can leave your laptop at home while you recharge and take notes by hand. My Bamboo Folio allows me to be completely present in the classroom. When I took my laptop to class I almost always got distracted and was unable to focus. But if I bring my Bamboo Folio I know I can unplug for class and get those notes right onto my laptop once i get home! I can transfer my handwritten notes to PDF form… View Post

Finals week is rapidly approaching and I know we could all use all of the tips, tricks, and advice we can get! This post is a round-up of some of the BEST finals and study-related blog posts from actual college students that are going through the same things you are! I hope you’ll check out each of these posts because there’s something new to learn in all of them. Before we get to the round-up, I wanted to share something awesome with y’all that could totally change your college experience. My friend Samantha from As Life Grows has a course titled, Make A’s in College in 8 Days which is an INCREDIBLE resource for current students! Not only will you learn how to prep for finals (which is an awesome resource in and of itself), you’ll also learn how to prepare for the semester ahead, how to take notes in class, how to study, how to write papers, AND a list of great online resources and tools to help you along! Not only is this course packed full of valuable information, it’s also super affordable! For just $55 or two payments of $30, you can have unlimited, lifetime access to all… View Post

Today’s post comes from a discussion I had last night with Abigail, Caitlyn, and Lauren during the Blogger Roundtable. If you haven’t heard of the Blogger Roundtable, basically Abigail invites a bunch of bloggers to participate in a live Google Hangout and we talk about all things blogging and life related and anyone can tune in to see what we’re chatting about! You can catch the replay here. During last night’s chat, Lauren asked how we stayed motivated while on long breaks from school. I knew exactly what she was talking about and I felt like the lack of motivation during the holidays is totally normal. When you don’t have class to worry about, why bother doing anything else? But this season is a really important one for bloggers so it’s imperative that we stay on top of everything in order to finish all of the posts we want to get done! I’m sharing my tips on how I stay motivated to blog (or do anything, really!) when I’m on a break from school.