Blogging can be time consuming and things can get totally crazy if you don’t keep your ideas, content, and social media channels in check. Bloggers have different ways of scheduling their content. Some use online resources (such as Google calendar), some bloggers use notebooks, some bloggers do their blog planning right in the same agenda they use for school work, clubs, and other personal stuff! It doesn’t matter how you do it, I just know that in order to stay sane, you have to put your ideas somewhere. The planner. Personally, I use a May Designs agenda. I bought one two years ago to use for school and have since realized that they’re a little too tiny for my every day academic needs. However, it’s the PERFECT blog planner. I’ve been using mine for a year and am thrilled to have a brand-new one to use for 2016-2017. Since this planner doesn’t begin until August, it’s pretty blank right now so some pictures will be of my old planner so you can get the gist of how it actually looks when there’s a ton of stuff scrawled all over the page! In the photo, my old one is in the… View Post

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately and decided a good way to answer it was to make a blog post about it! One of my favorite things to do when writing a blog post is to design a Pinterest friendly image. I typically do this at the very end, once I’m in the mindset of the post and can think of a great picture to go with it. But before I get into this mini tutorial, I just wanted to stress the importance of having a decent sized pinnable image in your blog posts. Last summer, I started making images to go with my blog posts but I didn’t make them big enough. I made them Instagram-sized, totally square and small. Those images are still floating around Pinterest somewhere, but they didn’t bring me much traffic. Fast-forward to now and I’ve begun editing past images and creating more Pinterest-friendly ones using the method I describe below. I’ve been getting SO much more traffic from the new images, it’s insane! Creating pinnable photos is IMPORTANT if you’re trying to get more views from Pinterest! Now I’ll show you one way you can do it. Find a Relevant Photo I… View Post

Last summer, I brought my blog from almost no readers to about 20,000 page views per month. I’m a huge proponent of working on your blog during the summer because: 1. it gives you something worthwhile to do while you’re not in class and 2. it’s satisfying. I wrote a post last summer that still continues to bring me traffic along with a bunch of other posts that have ended up being huge on my blog. My creative juices flow better in the summer. It’s a fact. Along with writing better content/being more inspired, I also did a number of things for my blog last summer that have really helped me to grow and connect with others! I’m writing this post for those of you who have small blogs (or no blog at all!) and are wanting to start or grow your already existing blog. My blog was not always this put together, and I wasn’t always getting 20 comments per day. And I CERTAINLY wasn’t getting over 2,000 page views in one day (that happened this week and I was like, um what?!). This post is for all of you and I really hope it helps! Make separate social media accounts. Okay,… View Post

So I have come to the conclusion that this summer is going to be the summer of the blog. Even more than last summer. Last summer, I started to dedicate more time to the blog and I really figured out what I wanted to do with it and how to promote myself. I made a separate Twitter and Instagram, and started pinning my posts on Pinterest. I got super lucky and had a blog post go viral and I finally felt like I had a lot of blog post ideas to keep the traffic flowing. I was accepted to Her Campus Blogger Network (now the InfluenceHer Collective), and the amazing community the Millennial Blogger Network. I met more bloggers, created a community for college bloggers, and have enjoyed sharing my life here with you all. This summer, I’m trying to be more deliberate with my goals and I hope to stay more organized in my approach to the blog every day. I have a few more weeks to devote my time solely to the blog and then I will be working on it nights and weekends (mainly Saturdays). I wanted to get my thoughts down on paper (well, you know what I… View Post

When I started my blog, one of the first things I had trouble deciding was what to do about my social media accounts. I had a personal Twitter and Instagram but wasn’t sure if I needed to make new ones just for my blog. Ultimately, it is your decision as the blogger to choose what you want to do, but these are the reasons why I decided to make a separate Twitter and Instagram for my blog. Privacy. Both my personal Twitter and Instagram are protected for various reasons. Not only are they protected for my own privacy, but they are protected for the privacy of my friends and family members as well. Not everyone wants their face plastered all over the internet and I totally get that. By having a personal Instagram that’s protected, I can still share cute photos of myself and friends and family and they will know that only people I know personally will be seeing the photos. The problem with making your blog Twitter or Instagram private is that people WANT to follow you! I find it so off putting whenever I go to follow someone and there’s a blank screen saying that their account is private. Nine times out of ten,… View Post