Happy Friday! Does anyone else feel like July is FLYING by? I mean, seriously, I feel like it was just the Fourth of July. Can time slow down? Pleaseandthanks. Here’s what has been going on with me lately: I guess first thing’s first: my Nana passed away last night. She has been sick for a while and has been battling lung cancer for years. My Pop Pop died 3 years ago so I’m happy that they are finally reunited. I’m strangely at peace with it all. I knew it would be coming sooner or later so I guess that has been helping me to not feel too upset. She had a laryngectomy (fellow SLPs will know what I’m taking about!) about 2 years ago so she has not been able to speak. I hope that once I become an SLP I can do more work with laryngectomees in her memory. Ryan and I are slowly getting our West Chester apartment unpacked and ready! I’m really excited because the place is the perfect size for us, has 4 huge windows with tons of natural light, and is within walking distance to town and some great brunch spots (check out the ‘gram… View Post

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. I caved. For the past few years that I had known Prime Day to exist, I hadn’t purchased anything. I resisted the deals and survived. This year was a bit different. For one thing, I have $$$. I am trying to save most of what I make this summer to buy a car, but I still am making more money in one summer than I ever have before #bless. I couldn’t resist Prime Day this year. Almost all of the items I bought were extremely practical things I had been wanting for a while and were marked down to a great price. I don’t feel guilty about any of my purchases at all which I think is a HUGE win. Here’s what I got: Kindle Paperwhite Get it here. Ryan bought me a Kindle Fire HD 4 years ago for our first Christmas. I loved that thing for a while and refused to read my e-books on anything else. However, I slowly began to convert to reading on my iPhone. It was more portable than the Fire and I always had it with me. I decided to get the Paperwhite because I struggle to… View Post

Today’s post is a much-anticipated bucket list update! JK I don’t really know if anyone has been anticipating this but a few years ago, I made a bucket list and published it on the blog. I’ve crossed a few things off of it since then and there are a few things I’d like to add/edit! The new things I added I put in green! I love reading other people’s bucket lists and seeing what they’ve crossed off and what they still have yet to do. If you have a bucket list post on your blog… share it with me in the comments please! Travel Go on a cruise Travel to Greece Visit the Greek Isles See the ruins in Athens Visit the Caribbean Travel to Italy Go on a gondola ride Travel to Amsterdam Travel to Ireland Travel to London (again) Go on the London Eye Ride in a double decker bus See the crown jewels Travel to Paris (again) Kiss Ryan in the Eiffel Tower (super cliche sorry) Add a lock to one of the love bridges See the Mona Lisa Travel to Africa Go on a safari Travel to New Zealand Travel to Australia Travel to Costa Rica Take a… View Post

Last year, I 100% forgot my blog’s anniversary. It’s almost worse than forgetting your partner’s birthday or your relationship anniversary. I made this thing. It’s like forgetting your kid’s birthday. I was sad about it for a little while because I wanted to write a post but I would’ve felt fake writing about it after the fact. I decided that this year I was going to actually write a post for my 3 year anniversary but I wasn’t sure what would be interesting and also fun to write. I realized I had some pretty great graphics and past memories of this little internet space so I figured we should chat about it.  3 years ago, I was sitting at home on my couch during the summer before my sophomore year of college. I distinctly remember it was a warm summer night. The sun was just beginning to set and that golden light was coming through my living room at a perfect angle. So cheesy, but one of those things I just always have remembered. One of my good friends Sarah had just started a blog for her photography business and had started a second blog for crafts and extra pictures that she… View Post

Happy Tuesday! I’m very excited because, if you saw on Twitter, I’m slowly creeping up on my reading goal for 2017!!!! I set my goal at 25 books in January after failing to accomplish my goal last year… womp. BUT I’m right on track with 12 books read as of right now! If you can do math (I barely can), that means I pretty much need to read 2 books every month. I’ve been pretty swamped with school and grad school applications but SOMEHOW I’m still on track. It’s a miracle, folks. I read a few (actually, 12) books since I last did one of these so let’s chat about what I read recently and I’ll tell ya which books I’d recommend! Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling I read this book on the plane to Florida back in January! Ryan and I went to Fort Myers and I tried not to pack 8,000 books for the trip (it was very hard… I love reading books on the beach). This one was a super quick read. I love Mindy Kaling from The Office but I don’t know much about her other work. I haven’t seen the Mindy Project and, of course, she… View Post