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Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and for wanting to learn more about little ol’ me. First thing’s first, my name is Kayla and I’m a senior at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where I’m a speech, language, and hearing science major and a psych minor.

Here are some things I enjoy:

Shopping for school supplies

I have a special place in my heart for planners and I absolutely love my Day Designer.

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Currently really into thrillers and contemporary romance, but I’ll try anything! You can read more of my book posts to get a sense of what I enjoy in the book department.

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Sometimes I blog about what I’m listening to, but mostly this is just something I’ve always loved to do. From being a choir nerd in middle school and high school to performing in musicals and auditioning for solos, I’ve always had a strong love for music. I’m a self-taught guitarist and I love playing songs I’ve been listening to on the radio!

Going out for brunch

You’ll see lots of this on my Instagram. Just roll with it.

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I started this blog on a whim in the summer of 2014. I was bored and I really wanted to share my advice and experiences with other college students. At the time, I had no idea how far this “blogging thing” would go and I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised and excited. At this point, blogging is a huge part of who I am. I love writing down my thoughts and sharing them with you. It definitely isn’t easy but I have such a great time on this platform.

Kayla Blogs is about me writing about what I love. I plan to grow with this blog and take it with me wherever life goes. I hope you’ll enjoy coming along for the ride!

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Who’s Ryan?

Ryan is my boyfriend and we’ve been together for 5 years! He guest posts on the blog quite often and we love to go on adventures together. Most recently, we took a road trip to New Orleans and Nashville! Oh, and here’s the story of how we met in my words and in his words!

Ryan and Kayla | Kayla Blogs

Why did you decide to major in speech-language pathology?

My mom is in the medical field and she suggested it to me one day. The story honestly isn’t much more complicated than that! I shadowed an elementary school SLP in my junior year of high school and I was hooked. I loved (and still love!) learning about the profession and can’t wait to see where this career path takes me. I also wrote a whole post about my major and why I love it!

What clubs and activities are you involved in?

I’m a brother of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, President of the National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association Temple University chapter, a volunteer with the Philadelphia Aphasia Center at Temple, and a student research volunteer at the Eleanor M. Saffran Center for Cognitive Neuroscience Aphasia Rehabilitation Research Laboratory. During my freshman and sophomore years, I was also a corps member with Jumpstart Philadelphia at Temple University.

If you’re interested in learning more about my professional and academic experiences you can check out my LinkedIn page!

What planner do you use? What planner would you recommend for me?

This year I use The Day Designer! Here are my planner recommendations!

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