My Goals for 2018 + How to Reach Yours

On New Year’s Eve I found myself thinking about the fresh start that was about to happen. A new year, a new week. I started thinking about what things I wanted to accomplish in 2018. As I was thinking about my goals I started downloading apps, as weird as that sounds. I’m on my phone so much as it is, that I figured there are ways to use it to help me achieve my goals! Then I started thinking about other things I use that I could share with you all to help you with your goals too. Below are some goals you might have for 2018 and some things you can do to help yourself reach them more easily!

Journal more.

5 year journal

I’ve heard such great things about these journals! They’re perfect if you’re short on time but still want to journal every day. I also use the book Some Lines a Day which has been life changing for me! Only small sections a day so you don’t feel pressured into having to write a novel and you only need to get down the important stuff.

Exercise more/lose weight/keep track of calories.

I love using MyFitnessPal for tracking calories and meals! I also love using the Fitbit app to keep track of steps, sleep, and workouts. Something else that motivates me? New workout clothes or shoes. Treat yo self! I also love to make myself new playlists to get myself hyped up to work out.

Stay organized.

Allow me to point you in the direction of my favorite planners! I also have a post on Google calendar and how it has been a life saver for me.

And here are my goals for the year:

Read more books.

harry potter book four

My favorite app for reading is Goodreads! I update my reading status and the page I’m at all the time and it helps keep me motivated. There’s also a reading goal you can set up and it will keep tabs on whether you’re on track to complete the goal or not.

Another app I downloaded was Bookout. You start the timer when you begin reading and it tracks the total number of hours you spend reading. It also shows you awesome stats like the number of pages you read per minute and tracks how long it’ll take you to finish your current book. Perfect for real book nerds like me!

Book of the Month is the BEST. It’s a book subscription box that gets you latest releases and other hardback books for super cheap! You can use my referral link to sign up and get your first book for only $9.99. It’s a great way to make sure you stay motivated to read because you’re getting good books delivered right to your door! Every month you just pick the book that sounds most interesting and it ships to you free!

Enjoy every second of every day.

This one is one of my goals! I really just want to make sure that I’m documenting every day that I’m living. One way I’m doing that this year is through filming one second every day! There are non-app ways to do this but I thought this would be the simplest way that will allow me to complete my goal. The app isn’t free but it’s only $5 and makes it really easy to film and gives you notifications to remind you.

Practice mindfulness.

Carly from Carly the Prepster talks about the Headspace app a lot. She has written a few posts on the subject that you can check out. This is a really practical goal to set for yourself and there are lots of apps and books you can use to encourage growth in this area.

Go to a spin class.

This is one of those things I’ve been dying to do but haven’t gotten the courage to try it yet. There’s a bunch of different studios around where I live and I have a feeling I’d really like it I just get so weird about trying new things like this on my own! Any tips for me?

Drink more water.

monogrammed swell bottle

There are apps for this and ways to track water intake in your planner but I think the easiest way for me to ensure I’ll be drinking enough water is to buy myself a new water bottle. I’m a snob when it comes to drinking water and my water has to be SUPER cold or I won’t want to drink it. I’ve used a Swell bottle in the past, but I just ordered a Hydroflask! I can’t wait for it to come in, I should have it by the end of next week.

What are your goals for this year and how are you planning to work toward accomplishing them?

  • Starr Brown

    Hey Kayla,

    With cycle classes I was the same way, but I now love them even if I go alone. The best part about them are they’re usually darker lit so and you’re working so hard that you know no one is paying attention to how much you’re sweating. Also instructors are super nice and willing to help you figure out a set up that works for you and if you have any questions.

    • That’s a great point! I really just need to stop being a chicken haha.

  • I’d also like to exercise more. I always feel my best when I’ve been exercising frequently. I’d love to try out a spin class too.

    • They look so fun! Good luck with your goal, I’m rooting for ya!

  • Best of luck with your goals, Kayla! I want to exercise more and eat more healthy too. :)

    • Thanks Amelie! It’s hard with grad school, it’s usually the last thing I want to do when I get home but I’m working on it!

  • Kristine Circenis

    Seriously Goodreads is weirdly motivational. Like I want to update it even if I’ve only read 5 pages haha I just love that progression bar..

    • Haha, right?! I love it. The Bookout app is really good at it too, I love seeing my stats after a reading sesh.

  • Veronica

    such great tips! i’m obsessed with planners and journals, I have to try out that some lines a day one!

    • It’s so great! It’s a 5 year journal too so you can see what you were up to that day during every year!

  • Amanda Kristine

    Drink more water! Yes!! That’s always my resolution because I always forget to.

    • I’m SO bad at it but I know it would help me fix a lot of my problems lol. I can’t wait for my new water bottle!

  • Pretty much all of my goals this year are listed here, haha! I’m aiming to eat healthier (My Fitness Pal has been amazing for that!) and like nearly everyone, I’ve been trying to drink more water. I’m exactly like you when it comes to water – it’s got to be ice cold or I just can’t drink it, so I’ve just been using a cheap water bottle, filling it half way, freezing it and then add water when I want to use it. Stays ice cold all day and doesn’t break the bank! Good luck on your goals this year, Kayla! x

    • I love that! I hate that I’m such a water snob lol. I actually didn’t drink water AT ALL for an embarrassingly long time. I would only drink flavored water or Propel or something. So glad I’m past that phase now!

  • Love your goals Kayla! I’m also trying to drink more water and read more. I’ve got a new water bottle on its way and I signed up for Goodreads to track my reading goals!

  • Molly O’Connor

    These are great goals! Spin classes are some of my favorite ways to work out, they’re not too intimidating either because they’re dark so people can’t even see you :) Cheers to a great year ahead!!

    • That’s such a good point. I need to get over my fear and just GO! The first class is free at the place I want to try so there’s literally nothing holding me back but ME!

  • I found that in spin classes (compared to other fitness classes I’ve taken) that most people come by themselves. So no need to worry about looking lonesome if you do try it by yourself!

    • I know, ugh I’m just such a wimp. I need to get over myself and just go! The first class is free at the place I’ve been looking at too.

  • Spinning is the perfect class to go to alone! When I’m going to a class alone for the first time I just make sure I get there with plenty of time to spare so that I’m not flustered and the instructor can help before it gets busy :)

    • That’s great advice, thanks Abigail! I need to just toughen up and try it.

  • Ashley

    Excellent goals! I’m taking two grad courses while working full time for the first time so one of my goals is definitely to continue to read for fun as I adjust to this. You should definitely give spin a try! It’s a great class to try by yourself, it’s usually dark so you can really push yourself, and it’s a wonderful workout. It’s absolutely my favorite form of cardio!