My First Spin Class! (+ My Fitness Journey)

my fitness journey

One of my personal “goals” for 2018 was to work out more than I did in 2017. I didn’t want to set a goal more specific than that because it’s easy for me to get discouraged when it comes to my fitness goals. I realized that I don’t really talk about anything health-related here on the blog so I figured why not share some details of my fitness journey?

My love-hate relationship with the gym.

When Ryan and I started dating, I had never set foot in the gym. I had played sports throughout my childhood and middle school years (volleyball and softball!) but I was never very good (partly because I would rather be reading, writing, singing, or rehearsing for the musical instead). When we first started dating, Ryan had wanted me to work out with him but it was met with a LOT of resistance from me. I was not sure how to do any type of workout and lifting weights was intimidating to me. I’m super uncoordinated so the thought of Ryan seeing me fail at that was just out of the question.

Fast-forward and my friend Kelsey and I bought a summer membership to LA Fitness. We would go together and do cardio on the elliptical and use some of the machines. When the summer ended, so did my working out. Then Ryan got me hooked up with a gym membership attached to his account and we started going together more. When Ryan was gone for work, I got a membership at Rascals fitness and I would go with my dad to work out. At that time, I had learned a bit about lifting and I actually preferred it to doing cardio. I would do my own thing and my dad would do his.

summer 2015

I think the summer I felt the best, most confident, and strongest was the summer I lived in Pittsburgh with Ryan. We were working out often and I felt myself getting a lot stronger. I was having fun lifting with Ryan almost every day! Plus, it was summer which was a bonus.

Once I was back at college, I pretty much stopped working out consistently. I would go to the gym every once in a while but I hated having to walk there and I could never figure out how to fit it into my schedule where I could wear my gym clothes to class. Now that I’m in grad school and commuting, I’ve been going to the gym intermittently with Ryan but it was so easy for me to say no after a long day of class and seeing clients. Additionally, lifting was not giving me the results I wanted.

I decided that 2018 was going to be the year that I try new things related to fitness. I was envious of the people who had their fitness “thing” whether it was lifting, yoga, boxing, Zumba, or spin. I was/am SO in need of something like that! I wanted something fun but something that’ll kick my butt. Here’s what I’ve tried so far in 2018:

BBG by Kayla Itsines

BBG LISS workout

I had heard a lot about this BBG program and decided I wanted to try it! I’m only on week two and I already feel myself wanting to give up because the workouts are so hard and the ab & arm days are not my favorite. I’m hoping that this week I can get back on track with the workouts! I really started doing BBG because I wanted to say that I had finished a program like that. I definitely tend to give up on my fitness goals when they start to get too hard or I get discouraged. Hopefully I can kick that mentality this time!

Rhythmic Spin at Soul Beat Studio

soulbeat studio

My friend Gabby goes to SoulBeat and she encouraged me to go to a class! I could see she was loving it and I was lowkey jealous and wanted to see if it was something I’d like too! This past weekend I went to my first ever spin class and while it was SO HARD (I sat for a lot of the class) I loved it!

I’m a big music person. Music literally makes or breaks my workouts so going to a class that was so centered around music and has you basically dancing on the bike made it so much fun! I was listening to the playlist after the class and I was so impressed. I was like, “I worked out through all of these songs?!” I also loved it because it was something new and something Ryan had never experienced before. I came home and told him ALL about it. I spent the rest of the day thinking about spin and I’m SO excited to go back to see if I can make it through more of the class!

I also want to say that I was SO nervous to go to this class. I was worried about not being coordinated enough, I was worried that people would see me epically failing at everything, I was worried I’d hate the music… the list goes on and on. TRUST ME. You can come up with 900 excuses for not going but I promise if you just try it you’ll be so glad you did. Grab a friend and go to a class! We went on a Saturday morning and I was not the only newbie. Tell the instructor you’re new and they’ll help you get set up and they’ll be SO nice about it too. There’s nothing to be afraid of! Just make sure you’re properly hydrated and don’t have a big meal before you go and you’ll have a great time. And YOU WILL sweat a ton. It’s great!

fitness instagram


I made a fitness Instagram two weeks ago when I decided I was going to try BBG and I know it’s so dumb but it has really motivated me to keep working out. It’s nice to keep my blog IG and fitness IG separate because I can have an entire feed of people working out and sharing healthy food! It’s nice to have that all in one place. AND I love having an audience of followers that are holding me accountable! I know if I stop posting regularly, I have failed. If you want to follow it you can here! I keep it private because I don’t want any creeps following me but if you request I’ll accept!

Do you have a favorite workout? What should I try next? I’m already thinking about my next spin class but I kind of want to try boxing! 

  • Michelle Williams

    Ahhh I have been wanting to try a spin class but always get too nervous about it! Guess I just gotta go for it!

    • YES! Go for it girly! Let me know if you have questions!

  • I took SoulCycle classes all the time when I was in DC this summer and I loved it! I’m totally with you on the fact that music can make or break a workout, so being able to exercise in a way that’s so in sync with the best of the music is super fun. I’m glad you’re finding fitness things that you love – that’s SO important!!

    Taylor |

    • Thanks girl! I am definitely going to another one ASAP!

  • You go, girl! I did BBG on and off a couple years ago (like a cycle and a half through) and I loved it. I’ve dabbled in it since, but maybe I’ll start it up again soon. I’ve been lifting with my Ryan (ha! so many Ryans) here and there, but I definitely need to incorporate more cardio than he does throughout the week for my own personal goals. I’ve heard great things about kick boxing – you should definitely try it!

    • I’m going to do a spin/box fusion class soon, I think it’ll be super fun!

  • I remember my first spin class I couldn’t do like half what the instructor was telling us to do because I have zero rhythm and she does everything to the beat of the music. And every class I went to after that there was always a least one newbie and everyone was always so helpful and supportive! Spin fam for life!

    • Hahaha I couldn’t keep up with the rhythmic stuff either. I actually have rhythm and it was V hard haha so it’s not just you! I can’t wait to go back to another class

  • Jade // Just Jade

    Ah Kayla! I’m so proud! I’m inspired now.
    I never took a spin class before! I did a yoga class once on a cruise and that was fun!
    Side note, you look exactly like Eden Sher in the second photo!

    • It takes a lot of work but it’s important to find something fun that motivates you! I think that’s why I was struggling for so long. I really like spin right now so it’s motivating me to want to go to the gym more!

  • I can totally feel you on wanting to give up on BBG! I’m on week three and I absolutely dread arm & abs day, haha! I’ve been wanting to try a spin class, but I’ve always been to nervous! Might have to look into it this week.

    • Definitely try spin!!! It’s so much fun. I actually decided to quit BBG because of how spin made me feel. It’s sorta a long story but after doing spin I realized that I could go through a hard workout but still feel good and empowered afterward. Maybe that’s dumb but I’m just trying to do more things that make me happy and feel good!