My Favorite Spotify Playlists for Studying


study music

Now that finals season is officially upon us, I figured I’d share some of my favorite study playlists and music that I go to when I need to concentrate on work! Spotify is definitely my go-to for all my music needs and there are so many good playlists on there that I love. Here are the top ones I listen to while studying/writing:

Productive Morning.

This Spotify playlist is what I listen to when I’m doing things that need my complete attention. There are very minimal words going on in the songs on this playlist!

Jazz Vibes.

This is my favorite playlist to listen to when I want to switch things up!

Autumn Acoustic.

Every single one of these songs is SO good and so relaxing to listen to. One of my go-to playlists when I’m writing blog posts!

Carrie & Lowell Album.

I once listened to this on repeat when I was working on a huge assignment one afternoon. I think I listened to it in full probably 5x. I love this album! If I were to ever have a record player, this would be the FIRST record I buy. I think it’s so calming and perfect to study to.

Rainy Day.

Another great playlist including some of my favorite artists like Bon Iver and Hozier!

Chill + Acoustic.

This playlist is one I created! It has almost 200 songs that I’d consider more ~chill~ and/or acoustic versions of my favorite songs. Hope you like it!

What music do you listen to when you study or write?