Grad School Q&A: Applying to Grad School for Speech Pathology

I wanted to let you know that I uploaded a YouTube video today answering some questions about applying to grad school for speech pathology! I’ve been working on this video for a few weeks and I had a ton of questions submitted from you (THANK YOU)! In the video, I talk about the number of schools I applied to, some tips for taking the GRE, good minors for SLP majors, and any regrets I had from my undergraduate career.

It’s kind of a long video but I think there’s so much great info in it for prospective grad students. You can watch it below!

I’ll be filming and uploading another video soon where I talk about my specific grad program and how undergrad and grad school are different from each other. If you have any questions you want answered you can submit them through this Google form!

Also, here’s a list of blog posts I mention in this video, in case you’ve missed them before!
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