Chit Chat + Life Updates No. 11

chit chat life updates

Helloooo friends! I’m back with another chit chat post because I haven’t published one since the beginning of October and that’s kinda crazy to me. Reminder that I asked you to fill out a reader survey a few months ago (if you haven’t done it you can fill it out here!) and a lot of you said you liked and wanted to see more personal posts and life updates throughout grad school soooooo here’s what has been going on with me:

  • We’re officially decorated for Christmas! Ryan and I (mostly me because Ryan’s lowkey a scrooge) put up our tree RIGHT after we got home from my parents for Thanksgiving. I really want this to become a tradition with us because I love how cozy the place feels with the tree and lights up already! I watched 3 Christmas movies on Black Friday so you know I was super eager to get in the spirit.
  • New shows I’ve watched and finished: Mindhunter and Stranger Things 2! Both are definitely worth the watch if you haven’t seen them yet. Ryan and I also watched the first episode of The Good Place on Netflix and I think we might get into that too. I’m also watching This Is Us but I didn’t watch the midseason finale on Tuesday so don’t spoil it!
  • It’s officially end of semester grind season. This past week I’ve had things due every single day and I really don’t see an end in sight until after the semester ends. Keep me in your thoughts, guys.
  • I’ve been uploading some more on YouTube lately! I did my Grad School Q&A video that you probably saw already and I also uploaded a Drive With Me video that includes a playlist too! If you look in the sidebar of my blog you’ll see a thumbnail of my most recent video.
  • Speaking of YouTube, I’m doing Vlogmas this year and although I probably won’t be uploading every day, I will try to still film and then get everything up on the weekends when I don’t have so much schoolwork to do!
  • Ryan and I have been hitting up the movies on the weekends now that it has gotten colder. Since we last chatted we saw: Thor: Ragnarok, Murder on the Orient Express, Daddy’s Home 2, and I saw Wonder with my mom last week (I cried my eyes out).
  • We also officially booked our annual winter vacation… we’re going to LA! I’m so excited because I’ve never been to the west coast before. If you’ve been to LA, send me your recs! We’re big foodies so we’re v excited about the food scene there as you can imagine.
  • Before we go to LA, though, we’re stopping in Oklahoma to visit Ryan’s family and we’ll be there for Christmas. It will be kinda weird not spending the holidays with my family for the first time in my 22 years of life, but I’m excited to see them!

How is the end of the semester treating you all? Any big Christmas/holiday plans? What are you most looking forward to right now? Let me know in the comments!

  • ahh loved mind hunters and stranger things! I watched the first season of Good Place already and really liked it!! It’s quirky but fun!

  • LA in the winter sounds awesome! I hope you have a blast!!

  • My boyfriend and I are slowly working our way through Stranger Things and loving it!! Also, can’t wait to watch all your Vlogmas videos!

  • Cristina Mandujano

    I’m so pumped for your vlogmas!!!! Yay! Good luck with all the end of the semester things :)

  • Yay for Christmas decorations! I loved Mindhunter and Stranger Things too! I can’t wait for the next seasons to come out!

  • The Good Place is hilarious! I haven’t watched Stranger Things or Mindhunter, but my friend is obsessed!

  • You haaaave to go to Dolcenero for gelato if you’re in the Santa Monica area on your vacay! I’m drowning in “end of semester” crapola, too…good luck to us 😅

  • McKennableu

    So glad you are doing Vlogmas. I’ll have to check it out

  • I need to check out Mindhunters! And good luck with Vlogmas!

  • Laila

    Vlogmas is such a cool idea! I want to do it but I don’t think I could keep up and post everyday! I’d probably need to sit a few out!

  • So excited to watch all of your vlogmas videos! I hope you enjoy your trip to LA – it’s such a fun place to visit.

  • nicole simonetti

    vlogmas? that sounds super exciting! can’t wait to hear what you’re going to talk about gf – and enjoy winter break! x, nicole //

  • Audrey Knizek

    Def check out Santa Monica while in LA. It’s such a fun area to wander around. I laughed when I read your bf is lowkey a scrooge: mine is too!

  • I’ve always loved watching peoples Vlogmas! Such a fun thing!

  • Logan Elizabeth Abbott

    I ADORE Mindhunter, I’m so glad that you liked it! It was just announced that both of those shows are being renewed for a second season and I can’t wait!

    Logan |

  • Allison Ellzey

    I love how cozy it is with Christmas lights on inside too!

  • I’ve been thinking about giving Mindhunter a try so I’ll probably have to add that to my watchlist but I looove Stranger Things! It took my boyfriend forever to convince me to watch it because I thought it was going to be a lot scarier than it was haha