10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

I want us all to be friends here so I figured I’d share some little-known facts about me. Don’t forget to share some fun facts about you in the comments!

1. I love to sing and I’ve played 4 instruments. In 4th grade I started playing the clarinet then in 5th grade I switched to flute and I played until high school! I took piano lessons when I was a kid and again when I was in high school. In middle school I taught myself guitar and it’s the only instrument I still play!

kayla rivoli chaplins

2. My boyfriend is 4.5 years older than me and we’ve been dating for almost six years! We live together now in West Chester, Pennsylvania. It’s the cutest little town and I’m obsessed with our apartment. Apartment tours to come!

3. I’m super introverted even though I am a pretty outgoing person. I will walk right up to you and say hi but being around people for too long wipes me out! I would much rather hang at home with a book or Netflix than spend every night at the bar. I’m an ISFJ (and I think it’s scarily accurate!)

4. I love shopping but rarely want to (or can) spend the money so most days I fill up my online cart and then close the browser once I see the total. I can’t be the only one who does this, right??? Favorite online stores to do this at include: Old Navy, Loft, Colourpop, and Ulta.

5. I really don’t like cooking. I like easy and I eat like a 5 year old so chicken nuggets are usually my dinner of choice. I’m very thankful that Ryan is a good cook. I’d much rather bake some cookies ya know?

6. I’ve been in 8 musicals and 2 plays in my life. I started “acting” when I was in 2nd grade. I was Kate in Annie (the girl in the movies who shows Miss Hannigan the mouse) in my very first show ever. After that, I was hooked and did 2 more shows(The Wizard of Oz and Cinderella) with my local children’s theatre. In middle school, I was in Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella (again) where I had my first lead role: the Fairy Godmother (see below)!

daniel boone fairy godmother

In high school I was in my first plays which were fun but I missed the music aspect! High school musicals I was in include Into the Woods, Footloose, and Bye Bye Birdie. Footloose was my all time favorite musical to perform in and I played Rusty (see below)! She was so fun and getting to sing Let’s Hear It For the Boy and dance on a table was a blast. As a junior I got the lead role of Kim MacAfee in Bye Bye Birdie. I miss acting now but I love seeing shows and you can catch me singing along to Broadway soundtracks on the reg.

daniel boone rusty footloose

7. I used to work at a Philly Pretzel Factory and I know how to twist a Philly-style pretzel! My dad used to own a store and I loved working for and with him. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and I’ll never forget it!

8. Before I started dating Ryan I had only been to one concert: Aaron Carter! Since then I’ve been fortunate enough to see so many awesome artists in concert (including a few you might not expect): J. Cole, Wale (twice), Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Sia, Imagine Dragons, Adele, Fetty Wap, and Post Malone!

9. I traveled to London and Paris with my choir in high school! Ryan and I have gone out of the country together to Cancun but I’m realllly hoping we can go to Europe together sometime soon. Also dying to hit up the west coast with him.

sacre coeur

10. My favorite games are puzzle-type games! I’m still playing Candy Crush, y’all. I also love Words With Friends and any other games that make you think a little. I also just re-downloaded Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Don’t judge me.

Now, it’s your turn! Share some fun facts about you in the comments.

  • Oooh girl this just inspired me to write one of these! Loved all of those facts, and especially all those throwback pictures. I know I said this before, but I’m so glad you’re back to blogging!

    • yay I can’t wait to read yours! thanks Abigail your comments make my day <33333

  • My school did Footloose for our musical last year. I’m a costumer, so I had the best time creating the outfits for the show. Rusty’s such a fun character. You’re so lucky that you got to perform in so many great shows.


    • Thank you! I miss it, theatre was a huge part of my life in high school. My roommate was a dresser and costumer for shows in college! She was a theatre major at Temple

  • Brie

    First of all, it’s amazing that you can play 4 instruments! I’m practically tone deaf so I admire people who are musically gifted! Secondly, I saw Aaron Carter about a year or 2 ago and he refused to perform any of his old songs – I’m talking “Candy”, “Aaron’s Party”, “How I beat Shaq” etc. and he straight up refused. Those songs are the only reason we know his name these days so it was a HUGE disappointment. Kind of jealous you saw him in his prime haha

    xoxo Brie

    • WHATTTTT I would be so mad! How rude of him. I don’t remember much of the show, unfortunately, but I vaguely remember he had a car on stage at one point.

  • i play guitar too- now you’re making me remember that I have to practice lol

    • I just broke mine out again this weekend for the first time since the beginning of August.. whoops!

  • This is such a fun blog post idea!! I grew up playing piano + singing in choir. I always meant to learn guitar but I’ve never gotten around to it. Also, I’ve only been to three real concerts and I think they say a lot about who I am as a person: The Jonas Brothers, Twenty One Pilots, and Jimmy Buffett.

  • Makaela Premont

    That’s so much fun! I used to live in Germany, but I haven’t been back since my boyfriend and I started dating. He’s from South Africa so we have so many travels planned when we get out of college and get real money.

    I love this style of blog post. We really get to learn more about you as a person, not just a writer.

    -xo, Makaela

  • Amy

    Awh! Loved getting to know more about you! How cool is it that you play 4 instruments?? Ive been trying to learn one!


    Love reading more about you! DO you think you’ll get back into plays?

  • I also fill up my shopping cart and then close the browser ALL the time. My boyfriend doesn’t quite understand the logic of it but I feel like it’s therapeutic!

  • Tori Dunlap

    Love getting to know more about you! I have a degree in theatre so I love that you’ve acted before too!
    Tori || Victori Media