What I’m Buying for Grad School

It’s almost that time!!! My grad school orientation starts in almost a week and I’ve got a lot to do before then! One of those things is getting my school supplies and making sure I’m all set for grad school. One of my fellow SLP friends Tara asked if I was writing a post about what I planned to get for grad school. So here we are! Hopefully y’all find this interesting. Let me know what you typically get for school in the comments!


Obviously, but I had to mention it! I got all of mine from Chegg and Amazon. I’m renting all of them but 2 and I’m only buying them because it was cheaper. My total came up to about $250 for 7 books for fall semester.

speech pathology books

Notebooks, binders, and folders.

I haven’t decided what my method for keeping track of my classes will be yet but I know I’ll be designating a notebook and/or binder for each class! I want to do my best to keep things organized really well so I can study efficiently for the Praxis. That’s also why I’m getting folders! I tend to reuse binders from semester to semester so I’ll be transferring everything over to a designated folder so I don’t lose anything!

A planner.

If you guys haven’t read my planner post yet, be sure to check it out! I’ll be going with the Mia Ellsworth Co planner this year and I’m SO excited. It’s super functional and exactly what I’m going to need for this year! Definitely writing a post on what it looks like/how I use it in the near future!

Mia Ellsworth Co

A laminator and laminating sheets.

(Check) I already bought this during the Amazon Prime sale and although I haven’t used it yet I can already tell it’s going to come in handy!

Page protectors.

I bought a big pack of these at Target a few weeks ago so I could protect the important handouts/charts I’ll need for school!

Clinic appropriate clothing.

I bought a good amount of stuff this summer when there were sales and whatnot and I’m working on a post to show you the types of clothes I wear/love most when it comes to dressing nice for clinic! I’m ALL about being comfy but still looking cute.

A backpack or tote.

Maybe you saw my poll on Twitter but I’m looking for a new backpack. One that isn’t super heavy, is commuter friendly, and has a special pocket for my Macbook. I’ve been looking at North Face backpacks but I’m not sure if I like that it looks so outdoorsy. I don’t need 8000 buckles and straps, ya know? Just two shoulder straps would suffice!

Miscellaneous stationery.

Including: pens, highlighters, post it notes, page flags, index cards etc.

kayla blogs

Good lunch bag and water bottle.

Really want a good, insulated lunch bag that’s a decent size. Since I’m commuting I want to make sure there’s room for plenty of snacks! And I’m also looking for a bigger insulated water bottle since my S’well is pretty small.

Clipboard with storage.

(Check) Was gifted with a really cute clip board from my NSSLHA buddies when I graduated in May. Definitely will be using it lots this year!

Voice recorder.

(Maybe) This is something I’ll be looking into after I start!

Have you gone back to school shopping yet? What did you pick up? Lmk in the comments!

  • Kayla Kleinman

    I think my favorite part of going back-to-school for grad school was school supple shopping. always the most fun!


  • Supplies is most definitely the most exciting part, I still get excited when i go into Target and see all the fabulous supplies to adorn my office with….It’s like a kid on Christmas morning.

  • I thought i’d use a voice recorder more than i ultimately needed to, honestly, the few times i had a super quick teacher, i could just use my phone!

  • I suggest using OneNote for taking notes and recording lectures or whatever else you need. It’s free and you can download it across basically every technology you use.

  • As someone going into their 5th (and final!) semester, I think you hit the nail on the head with this post! I do have a question, though – how many classes are you taking? Full-time load in my program is 3 classes a semester so I always used a 3-subject notebook. This made sure I never took the wrong notebook to class! If you’re taking more than 3 classes obviously that might not work, but I’ve found it really helpful.

  • Miss ALK

    I used to love Chegg in college! Good luck with school starting soon Kayla!

    xoxo A

  • Gosh I miss going back to school so much haha! The laminator seems so convenient!

  • That planner looks great! I still use a planner for my day to day stuff.

  • I just got the best tote bag for my birthday! Definitely look for one with really sturdy handles! Best of luck to you!

  • Amanda Faber

    Good luck with grad school! I just got a hydro flask water bottle and I’m obsessed!

  • Good luck in grad school, Kayla! I’m excited to see what it holds for you!

    Lauren // http://laurensjourney.com

  • Azanique

    Stationary is my favorite thing to buy! I love getting new desk supplies

    – xo, Azanique | http://www.lotsofsass.com

  • Tori Dunlap

    I’m kinda obsessed with stationary — TJ Maxx is my favorite place to buy it all!

    Tori || Victori Media

  • Dang you go girl! I find grad school so intimidating but it looks like you are all set!

  • A planner is ALWAYS a must!!! Also, I highly recommend a bag from Dagne Dover. I bought one this year for teaching because I need to always carry a lot from room to room. It is a organized person’s DREAM bag!!!! So many pockets and holders for drinks, umbrellas, pens, phone, laptop, ipad, etc.

  • Danielle Randall

    Good luck with grad school! Once you finish your shopping it looks like you will be all set to start.

  • Woooo grad school supplies! As far as a backpack goes, I have a basic one from Target that I just slip my laptop sleeve into. I keep the top of the sleeve unzipped so I can easily slide my laptop in and out and it stays protected. Just in case you can’t find the type you’re looking for :)

  • Anelle

    Herschel backpacks are super comfy and have a good amount of storage units! They also come with a laptop holder already made in :)

  • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

    So many great things to stock up on! As a former grad student I can say I got the same!

  • Anna

    Great post! I’m looking forward to the wardrobe post! Do you have any suggestions of places to buy clothes? I’m a terrible shopper but would love to look good for school!

  • Claire

    What waterbottle did you end up getting?? I love my 40oz Hydroflask!
    And Marshall’s/Ross/BurlingtonCoat Factory are great places to get stationary!