Prime Day Purchases + First Impressions

This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

I caved. For the past few years that I had known Prime Day to exist, I hadn’t purchased anything. I resisted the deals and survived. This year was a bit different. For one thing, I have $$$. I am trying to save most of what I make this summer to buy a car, but I still am making more money in one summer than I ever have before #bless. I couldn’t resist Prime Day this year. Almost all of the items I bought were extremely practical things I had been wanting for a while and were marked down to a great price. I don’t feel guilty about any of my purchases at all which I think is a HUGE win. Here’s what I got:

Kindle Paperwhite

Get it here. Ryan bought me a Kindle Fire HD 4 years ago for our first Christmas. I loved that thing for a while and refused to read my e-books on anything else. However, I slowly began to convert to reading on my iPhone. It was more portable than the Fire and I always had it with me. I decided to get the Paperwhite because I struggle to read my e-books in the sunlight. One of my favorite things to do is read at the beach or on my deck in the summer and I just couldn’t bang those e-books out with all the glare on my screen. The Paperwhite solves that problem and it also has a backlight so I can still read in the dark if I want! I chose the white color and it’s super sleek and SO portable. I can’t wait to read my first book on it!

White Comforter

Get it here. I had one of these on my bed at my apartment in Philly, but I needed a new Queen sized one! I scored this one on lightning deal for only $23. I haven’t taken it out of the packaging yet because it’s going right to West Chester but I’ll  have to update you once I use it.

Laminator and Laminating Pouches

Get the laminator. Get the pouches. This was a future SLP purchase! I have a feeling I’ll probably be using this a lot during grad school come August so I’m excited to have scored it for under $20. I got the pouches on a lightning deal for super cheap as well. Really excited to test it out!

Label Maker

Get it here. Again, this was a grad school purchase! I figured a label maker would be good to have for the future and to label my supplies, games, etc. We use this label maker at work and I really like it! You can even get colored label paper too which is awesome.

SD Card

Get it here. I also bought myself a new SD card because I really don’t think I’ve bought a new one for myself in like 4 years. The one I do have is only 8GB and this new one is 32! I’m planning on making this my vlog camera card. I scored this on lightning deal as well for $11!

The last 3 Harry Potter Books

Get the boxed set. hp covers If you haven’t heard, I’m working on finishing the Harry Potter series for the first time! During Prime Day, they also had a deal buy $15 worth of books, get $5 off. I used this to my advantage and purchased the final 3 books since I only owned books 1-4. I had to get the classic Scholastic paperback covers so the new books would match my old ones. The only thing I’m bummed about is the new ones have a different page texture than the old ones I have. This is such a silly thing to be bummed about but I really wanted them all to be the same! PS: Which HP book is your favorite? Seems like everyone loves books 4 and 5! That’s it for my Prime Day purchases! Did you shop on Prime Day? What did you get?

  • I didn’t buy anything from prime day, but I low-key wish I had! I just hadn’t mentally prepared myself for what I actually should buy and impulse items haha. Here’s to next year!

    • The sale was honestly a little overwhelming. I had the tab open all day at work, I’m surprised I didn’t buy more lol

  • I didn’t get anything on Prime day, but I bnought two things a couple days later that were still a little marked down. I finally got myself a bluetooth speaker and then an FM transmitter to connect my phone to my car radio. (I don’t have an aux port.) That label maker looks really fun!! I’ve always wanted one, but don’t really need one.

    • I needed to use one of those in my old car too! The one we have has seen better days, maybe I should check there for a new one!