A Bucket List Update

bucket list update

Today’s post is a much-anticipated bucket list update! JK I don’t really know if anyone has been anticipating this but a few years ago, I made a bucket list and published it on the blog. I’ve crossed a few things off of it since then and there are a few things I’d like to add/edit! The new things I added I put in green! I love reading other people’s bucket lists and seeing what they’ve crossed off and what they still have yet to do. If you have a bucket list post on your blog… share it with me in the comments please!


Go on a cruise

Travel to Greece

Visit the Greek Isles

See the ruins in Athens

Visit the Caribbean

Travel to Italy

Go on a gondola ride

Travel to Amsterdam

Travel to Ireland

Travel to London (again)

Go on the London Eye

Ride in a double decker bus

See the crown jewels

Travel to Paris (again)

Kiss Ryan in the Eiffel Tower (super cliche sorry)

Add a lock to one of the love bridges

See the Mona Lisa

Travel to Africa

Go on a safari

Travel to New Zealand

Travel to Australia

Travel to Costa Rica

Take a road trip across the United States

Visit California

Do the Hollywood sign hike

Visit Hawaii

Travel to all 50 states

16/50 visited

See Niagra Falls

Visit every continent (except maybe Antartica)

2/7 visited

Volunteer abroad

Visit New Orleans (check out my post on what we saw and ate in NOLA!)

Visit NOLA for Mardi Gras

cafe beignet

Go to Las Vegas

Fly/travel solo


Write a sponsored post (read my first sponsored post!)

Make money blogging

Make $100 in one month (September 2015)

Make $500 in one month (October 2016)

Make $1,000 in one month

Have my own logo designed

Get to 1,000 Instagram followers (November 2015)

Get to 2,000 Instagram followers (idk when this happened but probably 2016)

Get to 3,000 Instagram followers (June 2017)

Get to 1,000 Twitter followers

Get to 1,500 Twitter followers

Get to 2,000 Twitter followers

Get 20,000 page views in 1 month (July 2015)

Get 30,000 page views in 1 month (August 2015)

Get 50,000 page views in 1 month

Get 75,000 page views in 1 month

Get 100,000 page views in 1 month (July 2016)

Get 125,000 page views in 1 month (August 2016)

Get 150,000 page views in 1 month

Get 3,000 page views in 1 day

Get 5,000 page views in 1 day

Attend a blog conference

Meet a blogging friend in real life — I met two bloggers Shaguna and Tiffani IRL this past fall in Texas!


Blog consistently for 1 year

Create a media kit for the blog (I made one in June 2017!)

Post once per day for a whole month

Work with 10 companies

Create some blog-specific hashtags (check out my 3 favorites: #kaylavtravels, #kaylaeeeats, and #kaylaturnspages)


Get my own credit card (Last summer I signed up with a Discover IT card! You can sign up too and you’ll get a $50 cash back bonus)

Keep track of my budget

Be entirely self sufficient

Invest in some stocks (with Ryan’s help)

Open an IRA (with Ryan’s help)

Donate $50 to a charity I truly care about


Graduate from Temple University

Graduate with at least a 3.5 GPA (didn’t happen… but I was close!)

Get into graduate school for speech-language pathology

speech pathology grad cap

Survive graduate school for speech-language pathology

Get a job as an SLP working with children at least part of the time

Love my job

Open my own SLP practice


Be a bridesmaid

Be a maid of honor

Buy a house

Buy a car

Say “yes” to a proposal (get engaged)

Have a pen pal (always looking for new ones!)

Start writing in a journal again

Pay it forward

Have a picnic in a park

Make a scrapbook 

Buy a lottery ticket for myself (and win something)

Get drunk on my 21st birthday

21st birthday

Have my parents buy my first legal drink (pretty sure my friend Nate bought my first legal drink!)

Write a letter to my future self

Buy a “big girl” purse (Tory Burch York buckle tote!)

Own (and wear) a watch (I love my FitBit)


Get my cartilage re-pierced

Register to vote

Vote in an election (2016 presidential election)

2016 election

Be someone’s mentor (Became a Big Sister in November 2015)

Be a guest at a wedding

Send out Christmas cards

Have a better makeup routine/learn more about makeup (I definitely feel like I learned a lot more about makeup in the past year. A few years ago I couldn’t even put on my own eye shadow and I can actually manage that now!)

Win a giveaway (I won a monogrammed ring from Alicia Renee Obsessions!)

Own a Lilly Pulitzer dress (this one is similar to mine!)

Own an instant camera (I absolutely love my INSTAX camera!)

Hold an officer position in NSSLHA (I was NSSLHA president during my senior year)

Be a committee head or an E-board member

Be in two places at once

Fly first class


Take a writing class

Take a photography class (the last semester of my senior year I took an online photography class!)

Knit something (a scarf, maybe?)

Learn how to drive manual

Paint a decent-looking picture

Learn how to french braid on myself


Ride a horse

Road trip with my brother

Go on a vacation with friends

Dance at Hootathon

temple university hootathon

Be an audience member of a TV show

Drive a jet ski

Read 25 books in 1 year

Read 52 books in 1 year

Read 100 books in 1 year

Read 250 pages/day

Read 500 pages/day

Attend a drive-in movie (Ryan and I saw Despicable Me 3 at the Circle Drive In in Dickson City, PA)

circle drive in dickson city pa



Try yoga

Go to a spin class

Run/walk a 5K

Go to the gym consistently for a semester

Go to the gym consistently for a year

Drink more water! At least 8 glasses/day consistently

Try meditation

What are the top 3 things on your bucket list??

  • I love bucket list and their updates! And can I say that I’m SUPER impressed by your blogging stats? I mean, WOW girl!

  • I’m in the process of writing a 101 in 1001 list and I keep running out of ideas so this post came at the perfect time! Definitely stealing own a Lilly dress off your list, I love them but ahh they’re so expensive! That makes it a bucket list item haha. I just visited California for the first time (seriously just got back today) and hiked by Griffith Observatory to see the sign! It was so surreal to see something in person that you’ve seen in the media all of your life.

    Lauren / laurensjourney.com

  • I love this idea – I’ve always had a mental bucket list in my heard but I really need to put it on paper/type it up. It’s gotta be so satisfying to physically cross things off!

    Taylor | http://espressoandambition.com

  • I love this post!! I’m always so curious to see what’s on everyone else’s bucket lists, I feel like there was a trend of posting about them a couple years ago and I love these updates! Also your blogging section is goals, so many milestones crossed out!!