Chit Chat + Life Updates | No. 5

pitbull mix

Welcome to Friday! How’s it going? I’m back with another chit chat post. This week I started a new job and I figured I should probably fill you guys in on what has been happening. So, here we go…

    • I started working for Henkels & McCoy (yes, Ryan works for them too!) as an office clerk. Right now I’ve been helping with new hires, making lots of copies, and sorting forms. I have to work 6 days a week (yes, I work Saturdays) and I’m at the office for over 12 hours/day (mostly just waiting for Ryan to be able to leave) but it has honestly been kind of fun! I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll be wanting to just curl up in a ball and sleep forever but I really like everyone I’m working with and I don’t have to dress up and I get to make binders so like, what more could I ask for?
    • The #KaylaBlogsAnnualPlannerPost is ALMOST HERE! Stay tuned. There have been some awesome developments over the last two weeks and I’m so excited about the brands I’ll be working with. I’m bringing back some brands from last year but I’m making sure there are a lot of new brands for you to check out as well!
    • Ryan and I moved out of his house! Still working on filming a video with him about what’s actually happening in our lives but we have moved everything in his house to 1 room and then we’ll be moving all of that stuff to our NEW APARTMENT in 2 weeks. I’m so hype. I can’t wait to show you guys.
    • We moved out of his house and to an area near Scranton, PA. Last night we got to catch a baseball game and we hit up the gym once this week and went to dinner! There aren’t many places around here to hang out but we’re going to make due with what we got.
    • I sent out the first Kayla Blogs newsletter in a WHILE. I’m excited to get back into writing newsletters and letting you all in on some secrets. Be sure you’re signed up here!
    • I’m struggling with coming up with Instagram content. I’m stuck in a trailer in the middle of a construction yard for 12 hours/day and the apartment we’re staying in is definitely not IG worthy. We’re in a basement which equals pretty much 0 natural light. If you have any tips on what to do when your surroundings are less than ideal for Instagram, pleasepleaseplease let me know. I need help.
    • Which brings me to my next thing… I’m officially using! This means you’ll be able to shop some of my Instagram posts and blog posts a little bit easier. I know I’m not a fashion blogger and I’m not intending to start that (hello awkwardness in front of the camera) BUT I’m excited about hopefully being able to link you guys to more products that I’m loving and purchasing.
    • I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping (but not actually buying) and I’ve seriously put over $400 worth of clothes and accessories from American Eagle into my cart. Not joking. I linked some of my favs below!

Three things I learned this week:

  • There is SO much lingo in pipeline. Everyone has a special trade or title and it sometimes makes my head spin. I’m finally getting it down though!
  • I need more hard hat stickers. I had to do some training when I got hired and they give out stickers at the end for the workers to put on their hard hats. I didn’t have one (nor do I really need one) but I wanted one so I could put my stickers on. I ended up going home with a hard hat, some safety glasses, and a safety vest by the end of my second day #winning.
  •  How to make copies using a big fancy copier. I’m getting better.

What have you been up to this week? Answer these three questions in the comments below:

1. Favorite nail polish color?

2. Hats or headbands?

3. What song are you jamming to a lot lately?

  • Girl, I so need to get on a regular newsletter schedule! I feel like it’s a great resource but something I’m completely lost with! xoRach |

    • I keep getting told how important it is but I just always fail so miserably at it. Hoping to make it more of a priority this year!

  • I love reading this updates! And here’s my answers to your questions: gray nail polish, hats (they’re growing on me!), and Strip That Down by Liam Payne! I just wanna dance to it all day!

    • I bought a few cloth and kinda stretchy headbands from Target the other week for like $1.50/each and two of them have really cute patterns. I love them but I’m definitely into hats more! So perfect for me now at work since I have to be up super early!

  • Love that american eagle “take it easy” hat!

    • I’ve been so into “dad hats” lately! I love this one, glad you like it too!

  • Exciting you are moving to a new apartment. Good luck with everything!

    • Thanks Melissa! Can’t wait to live there full time once school starts!

  • When I hear “Scranton, Pennsylvania” all I can think of is The Office. I say when you don’t have a photographic environment, take a day to drive around and explore the area and take as many photos as possible to use for the rest of the week. But you might not be up to it when you only have one day off. I know I get exhausted from the week sometimes!

    – Courtney

    • Haha yes me too! We love The Office! When we go out I try to take a bunch of pictures but it is hard!

  • Oh gosh, I can’t believe you’re working 12 hour days, 6 days a week! Good luck with your move! It certainly sounds like you’re keeping busy so far this Summer.

    • Yes! I’m trying to stay sane haha. Thank you!

  • Barrychicblog

    At my job at school I’m in charge of the copies and honestly it can be so much fun organizing all that stuff and working the big copier. Have you had your first paper jam yet? Once you accomplish that you deserve some coffee to celebrate!
    Samantha {}

    • I had a jam but it didn’t end up being too bad! I seriously LOVE doing all of this office work. It makes my heart happy haha I’m so weird

  • I’m dying to read your planner post!! I need a new one!!! Wait, you’re in Scranton now?! GIRL you’re only 45 mins from me – I go to Wilkes Barre all the time. We NEED to get together!

    • Yes! We should! It might be hard since I work until at least 6:00 every night from Monday-Saturday but maybe one of these Sundays we can grab lunch or something!

  • Can’t wait to see your planner post! I currently use Erin Condren and love it! I’m glad you’re enjoying your job so far! That’s always a good thing for sure. Good luck with moving!!! Instagram and I have a love/hate relationship. It’s a great platform but sometimes coming up with content,etc is a little bit exhausting. For nail polish I am loving anything bright, more so towards all shades of pink. I look much better in headbands, so those are a must. For songs I’ve really been been jamming out to Bruno Mars, Despacito and Cake.

    • I love Despacito but I really wish I knew all the words haha I have to brush up on my Spanish! Thank you!

  • I can’t believe you’re working 12 hour days for most of the week! I can’t wait to see your new apartment- I bet it’s super cute.

    • I can’t wait to move in! I’ll be staying there full time starting in August so hopefully once I get settled I’ll do an apartment tour on YouTube or something! Thank you!

  • Three questions answers:
    1. Light pink
    2. Hats
    3. You Look Good by Lady Antebellum :)

  • 1. ballet slippers with marshmallow
    2. hats
    3. ispy

    • Ballet slipper is one of my all time fav Essie shades!

  • Momma Addict

    This is the first chit chat of yours that I read. Wow, you pack in lots of information. Makes me want to learn more. I am in desperate need of a planner as I just cannot stay on any schedule. Thanks for this post

    • Thank you! I hope you’ll check out my planner post when it goes live :) If you subscribe to my newsletter I’ll be sharing lots of info about it in there!

  • 1. Any shade of red/pink
    2. Hats
    3. Uh Huh by Julia Michaels

    • Love pinks in the summer! Especially bright pink! I’m definitely a hat person right now too

  • Nadia

    Loved this update-post, Kayla! Hope you manage ok in your new job & get to enjoy the area where you guys are :)
    OK, as for the questions:
    1. Red (all time); blush pink/baby pink (at the moment)
    2. Hats!
    3. I haven’t been listening to much music recently :( I really need to get back to playing music in the house like I used to :)
    xox Nadia

    • Thanks Nadia! Things are going pretty well so far! I love pink polish for the summer. Red is such a classic too!

  • Ash Neverson

    I love love your update!
    fave nail polish color : red or purple!
    hats for sure!
    I’m listening to rihanna and Dj Khaled’s wild thoughts a lot recently

    • Thanks Ash! DJ Khaled’s new album is really good. So many awesome features! I love wearing lilac nail polish in the summer, it’s one of my favs!

  • Anna Hubbard

    Sounds like a good week! It’s great to hear that you like your new job!
    1. I switch back and forth between a pewter and dark red
    2. Hats fo sho
    3. Okay this is going to sound really weird but I heard this song from 1982 called “I Predict” by Sparks and I love it!

    • Thanks Anna! Oooh, going to check out that song right now! I love finding oldies but goodies!

  • thesophiadiaries

    thanks for sharing!! i totally prefer hats, headbands just remind me of childhood haha and i’m okay with not having that flashback xD

    • LOL good point! I’m loving hats lately too!

  • That pup is way too cute ♥ Congratulations on the new job! I just hit the two month mark at my new job about a week ago and still absolutely love it. Also, I have completely given up on our fancy shmancy copier/fax/scanner machine at work. That thing hates me!

    My favorite polish color is a pale pastel pink, I cannot choose between hats and headbands because I love both but wear headbands more, and I am totally digging Believer by Imagine Dragons.

    I love that I just discovered your blog!

    • Hey Mckenzie! LOVE Believer! That song is my jam right now. My bf Ryan and I saw them in concert two summers ago and they were amazing! I love pink nails for summer! I’ve been wearing pastel blues and greens a lot lately too. The copier is getting easier to use but I’ve definitely wasted so much paper in the past week! Hope you’ll come back and read again soon :)

  • mckenna bleu

    Congrats on the job and moving into an apartment! Big moves like that are always exciting!

  • Gosh I feel you about the job! I’m an admin assistant for a oil/pipeline/drilling company and there is definitely some crazy lingo!

    • You are?! Ah we probably are doing similar stuff! What company do you work for?

      • I actually work for a smaller business out of Louisiana so you probably haven’t heard of it, but pretty much do anything/everything related to paperwork and billing haha.

  • Right there with you on struggling to find content! I work in a business park. Haha. You will be amazed at how quickly you pick things up! It’s so intimidating at first to be in a business with lots of jargon, but eventually you catch yourself using the words correctly without even thinking about it.

    Current favorite nail color is OPI Bubble Bath :)

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

    • Yeah I already know I’ve learned SO much in only one week! Thanks Dana!

  • Okay girl instagram content ideas coming at you!!

    1. Go to the craft store and buy a plain white poster board.
    2. Go to Walmart and search for “white marble contact paper” (or any kind of contact paper) – now you can make your own background!

    As far as ideas, I would put your prettiest makeup on the background and do some flat lays. Or if you read books, just putting the books on your backdrop, too.

    Hope that helped a lil. I can totally relate to being in a not-cute place and being like “what the heck am I going to Instagram!!”

    • I have a white poster board but it’s getting kind of beat up! I need to get a new one. I didn’t think about doing the marble contact paper! I could do one side marble and keep one side white. Thanks for the ideas and help Katherine!