How to Ace Your College Finals: Post Roundup

ace your finals roundup

Finals week is rapidly approaching and I know we could all use all of the tips, tricks, and advice we can get! This post is a round-up of some of the BEST finals and study-related blog posts from actual college students that are going through the same things you are! I hope you’ll check out each of these posts because there’s something new to learn in all of them.

Before we get to the round-up, I wanted to share something awesome with y’all that could totally change your college experience. My friend Samantha from As Life Grows has a course titled, Make A’s in College in 8 Days which is an INCREDIBLE resource for current students!

Make A's in College in 8 days

Not only will you learn how to prep for finals (which is an awesome resource in and of itself), you’ll also learn how to prepare for the semester ahead, how to take notes in class, how to study, how to write papers, AND a list of great online resources and tools to help you along! Not only is this course packed full of valuable information, it’s also super affordable! For just $55 or two payments of $30, you can have unlimited, lifetime access to all of these resources! It’s perfect for the student who wants a lot of in-depth resources and access to a ton of information all in one place! It’s more in depth than anything I’ve seen online currently, so definitely check out what it has to offer!

Now, without further ado, here’s a list of some of my favorite finals-related posts from my fellow college bloggers:

Study Tips from a College Senior – Kristine from My Little Box of Tricks

The Perfect Study Plan for Finals – Abigail from Living the Gray Life

Ultimate Study Playlist – Gabby & Hannah from The Swirl

ace your finals

4 Steps to Reading Your Textbook Effectively and Efficiently – Sabrina from Students Toolbox

Mid-Term and Finals Exam Survival Guide – Little Birdie Told You

The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Finals – Amelie from A Wanderer’s Adventures

ace your finals

How to Memorize Your Notes Faster – Yvanne from Composed and Collected

Finals Prep 101: How to Actually Study – Kristine from My Little Box of Tricks

30 Minute Study Break Ideas – Brianna Fae

Study Tips to Get Ahead in Class – Cristina from Cristina Was Here

College Girls’ Guide to Rocking a Study Sesh – Gabby & Hannah from The Swirl

ace your finals

Aaand here are some posts from yours truly:

How to Survive a Library Study Session

Study Playlist

How to Ace Your College Exams

How to Finish the Semester Strong

5 Things to Do When You’re Stressed

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  • Aw what an awesome round-up! And perfect timing :) Thank you so much for including my post!

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    Great tips to pass your finals! Perfect timing for Highschool and College students!

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    These are all great tips! I just finished finals, good luck with yours!

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    damn this is the most impressive list of study tips I’ve ever seen haha.. you’ve literally covered everything!

  • Wow this is such an awesome list girl! I’m glad I’m finished taking exams forever, my last semester is just my internship!

  • Oh my word I still have nightmares about my FINAL finals week in Uni haha! (p.s. you have such pretty handwriting!)

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    These are all such great tips!! I wish I had this when I was still in school haha!

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    NEEDED to read this!! Awesome tips girl, I hope my finals went well!

  • I love this round up! Finals are rough, and I’ve been sending my friends thoughts of encouragement for sure!

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    Finally. A smart way for me to use all of the sticky notes I accumulate!

  • Great roundup! One thing I should’ve done less of during finals was blogging 😂

  • This is such a great roundup!! :)

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    So many great tips in this round up! Really needed this (as I procrastinate studying for my exam right now.. haha!)


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    This is a great collection of tips! I could have used those when I was in college a few years ago. I had a hard time making myself study.

  • loving this round up! Totally gonna check out the “8 days to As”! x, kenz

  • I love this round up so much! I wish I had this while I was in college!

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    I definitely could have used these in college! I was kind of a slacker haha

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    I didn’t even know course like that existed so that is very cool that your friend was able to create something like that. This is such a great resource for college students.

  • I am SO happy I read some of these on Monday! I just finished my last final tonight, and I couldn’t be happier! Now, I just get to wait, and pray that I passed everything!

  • What a fab compilation! Where the heck was this two years ago when I needed it most?!?

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    This post is just packed full of motivation!! Definitely bookmarking it to refer to each time finals come :)

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    Wish I saw this a little earlier, would have been SO useful!! Finals were so hard for me this year!


  • This is the perfect roundup! I actually aced all my finals this year, but I know a ton of people who would find these useful!

  • Ohhh I wish I had this when I was in school! Such fabulous resources!

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