How to Stay Productive Over the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time for everyone. This post includes my tips and tricks to ensure you have a productive holiday season!

Today’s post comes from a discussion I had last night with Abigail, Caitlyn, and Lauren during the Blogger Roundtable. If you haven’t heard of the Blogger Roundtable, basically Abigail invites a bunch of bloggers to participate in a live Google Hangout and we talk about all things blogging and life related and anyone can tune in to see what we’re chatting about! You can catch the replay here.

During last night’s chat, Lauren asked how we stayed motivated while on long breaks from school. I knew exactly what she was talking about and I felt like the lack of motivation during the holidays is totally normal. When you don’t have class to worry about, why bother doing anything else? But this season is a really important one for bloggers so it’s imperative that we stay on top of everything in order to finish all of the posts we want to get done! I’m sharing my tips on how I stay motivated to blog (or do anything, really!) when I’m on a break from school.

Keep your alarm.

I know it sounds awful, but make sure you’re still using your alarm (at least during the week!) to make sure you are still waking up at a semi-normal time. Not only is this helpful for getting stuff done, it also makes going back to class after the break a little more bearable! I tend to set mine just a little bit later than I do during class time (8:30 or 9:00 instead of 8:00) so I still give myself a chance to catch up on sleep!

Use your planner!

Another thing I always do is make sure I’m using my planner and writing down the things I want to get done over break. Whether it’s a running checklist or a map of what I want to get done each day, it’s important to look at it every day and follow it as best as you can! I also write down any fun activities like meet-ups with friends or shopping trips.

day designer planner

Get started early.

Don’t wait until the late afternoon to start getting anything done! My productivity disappears as soon as Ryan or my family gets home from work so it helps to get things done early in the day. I’ve said this before, but tackling the biggest item earliest is definitely helpful. As soon as it’s done you’ll feel great and ready to tackle more!

Stay inspired.

Make sure you’re still reading your favorite blogs and checking in with what everyone else is doing! When I’m still reading blogs, I find I’m more motivated to continue posting. I want to keep up with everyone else!

kayla blogs

Don’t get discouraged.

It’s a busy time for everyone! I’m sure if you miss a post it won’t be the end of the world, but try to get back on track as soon as you can. If you want to stay consistent, try following the items on this list. They always help me, hopefully they help you too!

How do you stay productive during the holiday season?

  • Those are such great tips! As I’m usually working during the holiday break, I find it easier to stay productive because I still feel like I’m on my regular routine (minus the homework and studying, HA!).

  • Productivity hack: Get the productive ish done before the holiday. HAHAHA that’s like my life motto right now to keep going… I soooo want to quit and just watch a Hallmark movie, but THANKSGIVING IS COMING. Gotta #werk!

    Coming Up Roses

    • Mary

      I’m a sucker for cheesy Hallmark movies — I had to chime in haha

  • Mary

    I have always been SUCH a planner so I feel ya on these suggestions. Planning ahead ensures I don’t forget anything important or just plain fun.

    What planner do you use? Liking the one in your photo.

    XO – Mary |

  • Keeping your alarm set is such a good tip! I always want to sleep in but I know it’s not going to help me in the long run. Great post!

  • That’s so amazing that you were able to get a post up this quick about what we touched on last night! My favorite tip was the one about starting early!

    Caitlyn |

  • Getting to bed at a relatively decent hour and keeping my alarm set certainly helps me! I used to be a total night owl, staying up and watching shows or reading a book (or even finishing homework) until 2 a.m. Now, I feel like it’s more beneficial for me to get to bed early and wake up early. And of course I stay using my planner throughout break :) Don’t want to double book girls’ night with date night!

  • This is all to real for me. Thanks for the tips!

    <3 Tilley

  • My productive mood passes quickly once noon/1 PM hits, so I try to make sure I’m up and out well before then! I’ve always been a late sleeper (like 10:30/11… oops), but this semester I’ve been setting my alarm two hours before my earliest class. Since I get up at 9 every weekday, I tend to wake up naturally around the same time on the weekends/on break, and I feel so much more productive/motivated. I typically don’t look at my planner at all while I’m not in school, but I might try that!


  • This is such a helpful post! Now that it gets darker earlier, I feel my productivity slipping. I love reading other blogs to stay inspired during the holiday season, especially when the posts are festive!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  • Great ideas! I love setting an alarm every day of the week. It helps keep my body in a routine and I always feel better about having more hours in the day.

  • Great great post! for me it’s staying inspired that is so dang key. I loved what you wrote about that – it’s just having the great ideas and then making them come to life!

    Love this!

  • Anna Hubbard

    I definitely have to work on the whole “wake up earlier” thing because I slept in until noon today and it totally messed up my day! Great tips!
    -Anna |

  • Victoria Stacey

    Great tips! I hope to stay productive, but I know I’m going to sleep in every chance I get haha

  • I love these tips, Kayla! I am definitely excited to sleep in over break but hopefully will get some work done as well!


  • Starr Elizabeth

    Love these tips! I for sure need to set an alarm this break or I’ll sleep until I have no time in a day to get anything done!

  • Macarena Ferreira

    Random comment, but I love your handwriting! It’s definitely so hard to stay motivated. I’m just going to have to schedule shoots every weekend, so I have a reason to plan outfits and blog.

    xo //

  • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

    You go girl! I always struggled with staying productive on holiday breaks, but it sounds like you’ve got it down.

  • Great suggestions! I definitely utilize my planner and editorial calendar to stay productive.


  • Aliza Hale Biorn

    Great reminder about using the planner. I’ve slacked off over the past few months and I seem to forget a lot of things. Time to get it out again!

  • Great suggestions! Its so easy to get off track during the hectic holiday season.

    Casey //

  • everything on this list is so true! I always find myself getting inspired when I read more blogs. I also LOVE getting up at the same time, even if I am not at school because it allows me to get so much done! love this post, girl! x, kenz

  • Kelly

    Love this post, all of these tips are so helpful! I always lose my focus a bit over the holidays so I’ll have to try out your tricks (:
    XO Kelly |

  • nicole simonetti

    I’ve vowed to get started early over the holidays too so I stay productive – great minds! x, nicole //

  • Amy

    These are so helpful! I need to get so much school work done over this break and will def be using your tips!


    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  • Loved reading this post and the tips in it! I use these points myself to stay motivated and they really help. Good luck and happy holidays! :) x

  • Sami Mast

    I definitely needed this post! I have a few homework assignments that are due when I get back from my vacation, so I’ll definitely be following these tips! :)


  • Such great tips doll! Will definitely use some of them to keep me motivated.

    Kisses & Happy Monday,

  • There is nothing i hate more than having to be productive during holidays, especially when that productivity doesn’t involve blogging

  • I’m really struggling to keep on top of everything at the minute, it’s so hard to stay focused and be productive when everyone around you is in party mode! Going to try get up extra early tomorrow after reading this and end the year on a high note!