The Basics of Applying to SLP Grad School

SLP Grad School Basics

I am currently in the midst of applying to grad school for speech-language pathology. I told you guys in a previous post that I was going to blog my whole journey and I figured that before I dive into the deep stuff, I should probably explain the process for those of you who are new or those of you who are freshmen in the major who just don’t quite know what’s going on (btw, that’s TOTALLY OKAY! There’s so much to learn and know as a CSD undergrad/future SLP). So this post is all about the grad school basics and what to do if you’re considering applying!

Grad school is scary. The thought has always terrified me and I’m still not quite over the fact that THIS IS REAL AND I’M ACTUALLY APPLYING. I still haven’t totally narrowed down my schools yet but I have a few solid choices and I’m starting to kind of get really excited? There are a lot of things you have to do in order to prepare yourself for the process so I’m going to share those things right now. I’m hoping to make a separate post on each of these things sometime in the future so stay tuned for that!

GRE scores

Arguably the most stressful part about applying to grad school is taking the GRE. The GRE is required in order to be considered for most graduate school programs. It’s a 3 hour and 45 minute exam that can be taken on the computer or on paper at a designated testing center. It has three sections: verbal (reading/comprehension), quantitative (covering math concepts such as algebra), and writing. I will usually tell people it’s the SAT for grad school, which it pretty much is! Although I don’t recall being this stressed about the SATs (#womp)

Official transcripts

You’ll have to request these from your school at some point, and usually they’ll charge you. Applying to grad school is expensive, in case no one has told you already!

Letters of recommendation

Some schools require two, some require three, some require three but two have to be letters from ASHA certified SLPs so make sure you read each school’s specific requirements before submitting!

Personal statement or writing sample

Most schools require some sort of writing sample from you about why you want to be an SLP in the first place, how your experiences have shaped you into the student and future clinician you hope to be, and why you want to attend their program! Again, each school might be a little bit different so be sure you’re checking each school’s specific instructions and requirements.


In addition, some schools require a resume from you with your application. I highly recommend updating your resume frequently and adding pertinent volunteer work and jobs to it as soon as you can so you don’t forget!

  • I’m applying to grad school this semester! Ahhhhhh! Will be bookmarking this to make sure I covered my bases.

  • Great tips! I wish I had collected letters of recommendation along the way while in undergrad for when I was applying to grad school. It’s so important just in life to gather those. You never know when you’ll want or need them!

    Rachel |

  • You go girl! Good luck!

  • Good luck girl, I know you’re going to end up somewhere awesome and achieve all your goals! This post is super helpful for others going through the process – love it.

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  • Good luck with your grad school apps and picking a school! Can’t wait to read more about your journey!


  • Sami Mast

    This is SO SO helpful! I’m still deciding whether grad school is for me or not, but if I decide it is I’ll definitely reference this post! Good luck with applications!!


  • Erin N

    Good luck! I’m also applying to grad school this semester

    Erin // Plaid & Pearls

  • 30A Street Style

    Takes me back! I’m sure this is super helpful for others in this stage looking for a little insight into the process. :)

  • Grad school is no job and applying is a process too! Love all your tips – thanks for all the details!

    xoxo, Candice

  • Elly Leavitt

    eek the idea of doing more apps is terrifying haha but good on you for breaking it down so simply! x

  • Wow undergrad was difficult enough props for going the extra mile! Good luck!

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    Thanks for sharing!

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    Good read! I’m wrapping up grad school as my husband starts and applying can be overwhelming!

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    I have been contemplating whether or not if I was going to grad school or not, but I don’t think with my particular degree I need to, but these are great tips!!


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  • These are so helpful! I am hoping to go back to school in the next 5 years and this is really helpful! Good luck with your applications!

  • I know your feels – applying for a PhD was the most stressful experience of my life with how many people I had to please!! Best of luck with the process <3

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  • This is so exciting, Kayla! I can’t wait to read about your journey into graduate school, because I will be in that situation next year. Good luck with your applications!

  • Melissa Manning

    So excited for you!! Best of luck applying to grad school this semester from one SLP2B to another! :)
    – Melissa