A Day In My Life: Summer 2016

day in the life summer 16

As some of you might know, I have been working at a summer camp for the past two months. I got the job after I decided I wanted to move up to New York for the summer to be closer to my boyfriend Ryan as he worked on a project up here. I’m working with kids ages 3.5-4.5 this summer and while it’s super fun, it’s also super exhausting.

I thought it might be fun to share what a summer day looked like for me this year and encourage you all to share what your days look like in the comments below!

7:00 AM

Alarm goes off. I probably hit snooze or lay in bed and catch up on any notifications I missed while I was asleep.

7:40-8:00 AM

Shower, get dressed (t-shirt or athletic tank and shorts were my go to all summer long!), and do my makeup (I only wore eyeliner and mascara to camp all summer. Some days I didn’t wear anything at all!)

8:10 AM

Leave for camp

8:45 AM

Arrive at camp, park my car, head to the bunk and prepare for the kids to arrive!

9:05 AM

Morning announcements with the entire camp, greet the kids when they come off the bus!

9:20 AM

Circle time, take attendance, go over everyone’s names!

9:30 AM

Depending on the day, we will either go to mini golf or to hockey where we can play hockey or games like dodgeball or red light green light!

10:00 AM

Again, depending on the day, we will either go to Nature where we get to touch and learn about live animals or Gymnastics where we work on our tumbling skills!

10:50 AM

Instructional swim

11:30 AM

Snack time, get the children dressed into dry swimsuits for swimming later in the day

12:00 PM


12:30 PM


1:00 PM

“Rest” which usually doesn’t involve much resting

1:30 PM

Since rest time doesn’t usually work out too well for us, we will take the group up to the “water park” which is just a few misters and a contraption that you crank to fill up a bucket with water and then it dumps on you. The kids love it.

2:00 PM

Free swim!

2:45 PM

Snack time #2, change the kids into dry street clothes to go home for the day!

3:20 PM

Arts and crafts

3:45 PM

Dismissal. We walk the kids to the bench that their bus meets on and they head home for the day!

4:00 PM

I head back to the bunk to help clean up and organize it for the next day!

4:15 PM

Head to my car to drive home!

5:00 PM

Arrive back home, usually will change and/or take a shower depending on how hot and sweaty I got that day…

5:30 PM

Make some dinner, watch That 70’s Show on Netflix, work on the blog, read a book!

9:00 PM

FaceTime Ryan, watch the Olympics

10:30 PM

Get ready for bed, browse social media, mentally prepare to do everything all over again!

  • I love this idea for a post! I may have to do this during the school year. I’ve never been to camp, but I love reading everything you guys do there! I definitely feel you on it being exhausting…

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  • The camp sounds so packed with activity and fun! I would definitely join this camp if I were a kid again. I’m glad we can look into a day of your life through words!


  • Anna Hubbard

    Wow, your day looks busy! But what a fun experience to have for the summer!
    -Anna | http://www.fivefootandfabulous.com

  • So fun!! I love working at summer camps!
    xo, Syd

  • I’ve never worked at a summer camp but it seems like SO much work! Props to you girl, I’m sure you’re an awesome counselor!

    Rachel / http://www.seashellsandsparkles.com

  • That is some day!! It’s crazy how much we can do in a single day, i bet you’re a fantastic counselor! I always wanted to be a summer camp counselor, it seems so rewarding (and exhausting haha)

  • Not gunna lie – I love your day!!! haha! Especially your evening with Netflix 😉

  • Your camp day sounds like fun but definitely tiring! Working with kids is always exhausting, by trying to match their level of energy you end up sleeping like a baby at the end of the day! Fitting I guess! (:

  • mckenna bleu

    Sounds like you have a long day! Busy days can be good days though!

  • I worked at a summer camp one year and it was pretty much like this! Glad you had fun!

    Alix | http://www.apintsizedlife.com

  • Molly O’Connor

    Wow, that is a pretty busy day!! Sounds exhausting and rewarding!


  • Merisa Ferrell

    Sounds like you had fun this summer! I worked at a camp one summer in high school but the kids were about 11 or 12 and it was overnight, that was fun and exhausting too…especially since there was no escape from the kids for weeks at a time! haha xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

  • Such a fun camp job! It sounds exhausting but like it was worth it!


  • Greta Hollar

    It sounds like a jam packed summer! But I bet it was so much fun!

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

  • Sydney Power

    A full day for sure! It can be exhausting! Props to you for making those kids have a great summer!

  • Wow your summer days do sound exhausting! I actually considering applying to be a camp counselor this past summer, but decided to work full time at my office so I could make more money to save up.

  • Macarena Ferreira

    Girl! I was a camp counselor for three summers in a row. I feel your pain!

    xo // http://www.thematerialgirl.co

  • Miss ALK

    Isn’t it nice to have such casual jobs?! While I do enjoy dressing up now for my job and internship… sometimes I do miss my casual days from nannying in college. 😉 Sounds like you had a fun job!

    xoxo A

  • Aww that’s so much fun! I miss going to camp.
    Shaguna | gold&hearts

  • Wow! You worked with such young kids! The kids that I counseled this summer were as young as 3rd grade and as old as just graduated high school. They all stayed for at least a couple nights. It was a lot of work, but a blast! I’m glad you got to experience camp life Kayla!

    Delaney | laughswithoutfear.com