Guys Behind the Blog: May Edition

Guys Behind the Blog May

Happy Ryday! We’re back with another installment of Guys Behind the Blog! I love doing this linkup every month, it’s so much fun to see Ryan’s answers and share them all with you. For those of you who don’t know about this link up, it is hosted by Betsy at Heavens to Betsy and Laura at According to Laura Jean. Each month they come up with a list of questions for their husbands to answer on her blog.

This summer, they’re doing it “would you rather” style. I’m excited about this format because I think it’ll be a lot of fun. If you have a significant other, I encourage you to get them to answer the questions! Even if it’s just privately. The Guys Behind the Blog series has allowed me to learn so much about Ryan that I didn’t know before. And that’s hard to do when you’ve been with someone for four and a half years!

I’m answering the questions with him again because his answers were short :) Hopefully for next month’s linkup we will be able to do it in video format!

Would you rather have to wear your swimsuit to work OR have to carry around a large beach umbrella open all day at work?

Ryan: I would much rather wear my swimsuit. I would just wear a t-shirt with it (loophole). I don’t think I could walk through doorways with an umbrella.

Kayla: Definitely a swimsuit. I’m working at a camp this summer so wearing my bathing suit would be fairly appropriate!

Would you rather play on an MLB team OR get to tour with your favorite band all summer?

Ryan: If money & fame wasn’t a factor I would rather tour with a music artist. Baseball puts me to sleep… even if I was on the field.

Kayla: Definitely my favorite band. I’d love to get to see a ton of different cities and explore!

Would you rather go to the beach and forget your towel OR go to the beach and forget your sunscreen?

Ryan: I definitely cannot go without sunscreen. Can you say sunburn?

Kayla: I agree with Ryan. I burn SO easily and it would ruin my day if I got sunburnt!

Would you rather take a week-long vacation to anywhere in the world OR take a month-long vacation but have to stay within 100 miles of home?

Ryan: This is the toughest question of the five. Ignoring cost I would take the week long vacation anywhere. A month off does sound amazing though.

Kayla: I’d choose the week long vacation too. There are so many places I’d love to see that are farther than 100 miles from my house!

Would you rather get to have as much ice cream as you want this summer, but only be able to get vanilla OR only get to have ice cream three times this summer, but you can have whatever flavors you want?

Ryan: Plain vanilla isn’t even ice cream. I would have to choose to have ice cream three times. As a bonus answer I would have the Tonight Dough by Ben & Jerrys.

Kayla: I’d rather have vanilla as many times as I want. I’d just ask for some toppings 😉

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  • This is such a cute post idea! I’ll have to go read the other guy behind the blog posts! :)


    • Thanks Sami! This is always one of my favorite posts to do :)

  • adriana nudo

    I love this post and the post idea! So fun and I love getting to know other bloggers :)

  • What a fun series! Too Cute! Xoxo Mindy

    • Thanks Mindy! I always love seeing his answers haha.

  • Kristin Thompson

    This is such a fun post! I loved reading both of your answers!

    The Blush Blonde

  • Love reading the answers!

    Alix |

  • I love vanilla ice cream too – others think it’s boring but I love it. And are you in Pittsburgh? See the bridges in your pic – I’m born and raised here :)

    • Hi Jackie! I’m actually not in Pittsburgh anymore but last summer my boyfriend and I lived in Bridgeville and I had an internship on the South Side! I’ve just been using this same pic since last summer, haha.

      • Oh so cool! I live in the south hills so that’s close to me!

        • One of my best friends from middle school lives near there! She went to Jefferson!

  • When I have a blogger boyfriend, I am definitely going to do this kind of post. I always love this series!

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  • I love this! I definitely need to do this type of post with my boyfriend! Great idea.

    • It’s so much fun! He’s a huge part of my blog behind-the-scenes so I love letting him write a post for me every once in a while!

  • Michelle mink

    this is such a fun idea. i love that the theme is would you rather.

  • That was a funny one to read. When I first started my blog I did one of these and It was so much fun, I’m going to try to convinve my boyfriend to do it again!

    The Color Palette

    • You should! They’re the best. I learn so much about him through these little posts.

  • Aw don’t you love the men who do everything to help us out? What a sweet post!

    XO Corbin Tate

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  • Love this. The questions are too good :)
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  • “Plain vanilla isn’t even ice cream” lol Good answer.

  • The Confused Millennial

    Love this post and series!

  • I love his answer for ice cream… and your comeback 😀

    • Ryan

      She’s using a loop hole!!!!!!!

  • These posts are always so fun! Y’all are such a cute couple!

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    Guys can be so funny! Love reading this!

    xo, Sara Kate Styling

  • It’s always so fun getting to know the guys too! Also, I agree with y’all – I would definitely take a week long vacation. Can you say Australia?!

  • love reading these posts about your guy! theyre all so cute!! x, kenz