Father’s Day Gift Ideas feat. Snapfish (+ GIVEAWAY!)

Father's Day Gift Ideas with Snapfish

So since it’s now June and Memorial Day is behind us, we have to start thinking about the next major holiday: Father’s Day. I’ll admit that my dad sometimes gets shafted by my brother and I when it comes to Father’s Day gifts. We always work really hard to make sure mom gets something awesome, but once Father’s Day rolls around we’re left scrambling to find a gift. Well, not this year! This year I teamed up with Snapfish to get my dad probably one of the best and most personalized gifts we’ve ever given him.

For Mother’s Day, my brother and I got pictures taken by one of my good friends Sarah Canning. I figured, why not do something personal for my dad with those same pictures? He told me a few times which ones were his favorite so I made sure to keep that in mind when making the gifts.

A mug.

My dad looooves coffee. He fills up his Yeti mug every morning for work and he makes himself a cup in the mornings every weekend. He owns a lot of mugs. One for almost every place he’s been, a few sports ones, a Temple mug (Go Owls!)… none of them have any pictures of my brother and I plastered on them. That’s unacceptable! So Snapfish helped me out with that.

Snapfish Father's Day Mug

I used a few old pictures of my dad and I, some pictures of me and my brother as kids, and then a recent picture in the middle, nice and big 😉    


Snapfish Father's Day Frames

One for work, one for his dresser at home. He keeps a few small pictures of my brother and I on his dresser at home, so why not add a larger, more professionally done photo to the mix? The second one is for his desk at work. He just got a new job that he loves so I can’t wait for him to set this up on his desk! Snapfish did a great job with these, they look great!

My dad has always been super involved with my brother and I. From the time we were babies, my mom always says he never shied away from changing a diaper. At one point in our lives, my dad was working during the day and my mom was working nights. Every night my dad would make us dinner and give us baths and put us to bed. My mom says she’s glad that happened because it gave us a stronger relationship with him. I’d tend to agree. On top of that, he was there for every single one of my plays, concerts, and musicals.

Father's Day Gift Ideas with Snapfish  

He coached my brother in football, baseball, and hockey. He worked hard to give us an amazing childhood and and he still works hard to make sure we get a chance to go to college. He never forgets to tell us he’s proud of us. And I think that’s what makes him such an amazing dad.

Father's Day Gift Ideas with Snapfish

If you have an amazing dad, don’t forget to show him how much he means to you this Father’s Day with some great Snapfish goodies! Enter the giveaway below to win $50 to Snapfish! Winners will be randomly selected and notified by Clever Girls and/or Snapfish by Friday, June 17.

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  • Love this idea! My parents used to have a bunch of mugs with our pictures on them (there was a place at our old mall who used to make them!) and they’re just the cutest thing! You’re dad will love it!


  • Aw this is so cute! That mug is amazing, I might have to check Snapfish out! Happy Father’s Day to your dad!

    Sunny | astoldbysunny.com

  • Those pictures are so cute and I love the mug design! I’ll definitely have to look into this for my dad – he loves to drink chai tea!

    // Hannah

  • Michelle mink

    Wow that is a fantastic giveaway. My family and I love giving picture related gifts to each other.

  • I love the picture mug idea! My dad drinks coffee a lot and I’m sure he’d love something like that with a pic of our family on it!


  • My dad loves personalized photo gifts. I got him a mug and he uses it all the time.

  • I always have the hardest time picking out a gift for my dad, but this mug is such a cute, useful idea!

    XO, Brooke

    • Thanks Brooke! I thought so too. Mugs are great and I know he’ll use it for a long time!

  • Dad’s can be so tricky to buy for, I think personal gifts are the way to go!

    • I can agree with that! The mug is definitely something he’ll use FOREVER.

  • What cute ideas! Love these :)
    XO Amanda | http://www.glitterandspice.com

    • Thank you Amanda! What do you plan on getting your dad this year?

  • This post is super sweet! I loved all the personal pictures you shared!

    XO, Sarah | http://www.thebellainsider.com/ | http://www.instagram.com/sarah_thebella

  • Hannah Payne

    I love this!! They are the cutest ideas!

    • Thank you Hannah! What do you plan to get your dad this year?

  • Great ideas! Dads can be hard to shop for! Personaly gifts are a great option. Xoxo Mindy

    • So true! I never know what to get him. Snapfish definitely made it easy this year!

  • Amy

    Such cute ideas! I may get my dad the personalized mug, he drinks coffee every morning and he’ll always have a reminder of who his favorite child is.. (hahah jk!)

    Amy | Pastel N Pink

    • Hahahaha that’s EXACTLY why I put more pics of me on the mug than pics of my brother 😉

  • Such great ideas! I love the mugs. It’s so personalized, and everyone in my family drinks coffee or tea in the morning.

    • Mugs are great gifts! I love them. Thanks for stopping by Teresa!

  • Jessica Grace

    I love the idea of the personalised mugs, it’s so cute!! It’s good that it’s something that he’ll use every day too, it makes the little bit of extra effort worthwhile!

    • I totally agree! It’s cute, sentimental, and functional! Thanks for commenting, Jessica!

  • That first pic of you and your dad is priceless!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  • Sara Kate Steadman

    Amen to that!! Anything with pictures dads love.

    Sara Kate Styling