Must-Have Apps for College Students

Apps for College

My mom says I’m addicted to my phone. I don’t know if I would really argue with her on that, but I think I have a pretty good reason. My phone has everything. It’s honestly my lifeline and I rely on it to do so much during the day. As a college student, you can up that importance factor by, like, 50%. My phone is with me all day and it keeps me on track (most times). There are a ton of apps that I use on a daily basis but there are a few that I’ve downloaded within the past four years that have really helped me get through college.

Blackboard + Your College’s App

My school uses Blackboard for all of our classes so it’s important to download whatever app your school uses. I can hop on Blackboard and study PowerPoints whenever I have down time, I can also use it to check my grades and get notifications whenever something new is posted! I also have downloaded my school’s app. I actually rarely use it except to check my final semester grades, but it’s still good to know it’s there!


This one isn’t a necessity, but I absolutely love Spotify. This is an app I use daily and have never had any problems with. It allows me to jam out and make playlists to listen to on my walks to class!

Google Drive

I use Google drive to keep track of a lot of my assignments and projects. It’s so helpful to have the app just in case you need to tweak something or send something on a whim. I also find it helpful to download the other Google apps as well! A lot of my organizations use Google forms and Google sheets to sign up for activities, so this allows you to do that from your phone!

Fitbit/My Fitness Pal/5k Runner

If you’re looking to keep off that Freshman 15, downloading some health apps might be a good start! I use these three in conjunction with each other to track my steps, exercise, heart rate, water intake, caloric intake, and to get my butt moving! It sounds like a lot, but it’s really easy to do and it definitely helps!


I absolutely LOVE Yelp and I think it’s a great tool to use, especially if you’ll be a freshman entering a new city/town. Yelp allows you to check out reviews for food places, salons, and more!


I have these apps downloaded because I use them a lot, but it’s also good to have them just in case of an emergency. If (heaven forbid) you ever got stranded somewhere, it’s good to know you have that app and a way to get home. I also have the SEPTA app downloaded so if your city has public transit, that’s a good way to stay on top of changes or alerts that happen! When I took the bus to work I could see the times it’d arrive at my stop and when I take the train, I use it to check the full train schedule!


I don’t only use the Kindle app for leisure reading! If you bought an e-textbook, it’s so helpful to have the Kindle app on your phone and computer to be able to read it anywhere!


Venmo has been an absolute game changer for my roommates and I. It’s a great way to transfer money. Pay your roommates back for the lunch they spotted you when you didn’t have cash, pay them for utilities, for alcohol, you name it! It’s so easy and has been a total lifesaver, especially since I don’t have a bank on campus!

Starbucks/Dunkin/Saxby’s App

Probably a good idea to check out the app for your preferred coffee spot. You can get deals this way and some places have rewards programs!

What apps do you use the most at college? What would you add to this list?

  • Lily

    These are so helpful, thank you! Will bookmark this as I’m in graduate school!

  • I absolutely love all of these apps! I never ended up getting my school’s app/Blackboard just because I always had access to my computer whether I was in my apartment or in class but for someone on the go, they’re so helpful! Google Drive seriously saved my life SO many times!

    Rachel /

  • Shelby Howell

    I have most of these and I agree, they’re lifesavers! I need to check out Venmo, sounds like such a great app!

    Shelby //

  • Spotify and Google Drive, YES! Couldn’t survive college without them (or life in general)! And I didn’t know there was an app for Blackboard (makes sense though – there’s an app for everything, haha), I’ll definitely have to download it!

    Stephanie |

  • The Confused Millennial

    These are such great apps for college students to use!

  • mckenna bleu

    What a good post! Im sure this is definitly helpful for college students!

  • Anna Hubbard

    Spotify + Starbucks apps are my life! I use them almost every day! Great list, girl!
    -Anna |

  • Hey Kayla, I love these apps, too! Spotify is also great for long commutes to school/work :)

  • Kennedy Skye

    I use almost all of these apps! I also always have the app just in case :) Great post Kayla!

    Kennedy //

  • Also download an app that allows access to your school email! Outlook saves my life lol.

    Alix |

  • Taylor Smith

    Love this. As an almost college graduate, I agree with all of these!

  • I use all of these apps, also! The only one I would add would be Evernote, if you use that to take notes on your computer. I have Evernote on my laptop, and then I can also access my notes on my phone through the app, which is super helpful! Oh, and if you’re a coffee addict, the Starbucks app is another good one!

    Colleen | Buckeye Bliss

  • Emily

    Great list! I’ve never heard of Venmo before but I’ll have to download it before August.
    Emily |

  • The blackboard app is so helpful! I’ve had it since like week one of college. I need to download venmo to pay bills with my roomies!


  • Katie

    Have you ever used Pocket Points? When I’m on campus I turn on the app and it racks up points while I’m in class. I can use the points for discounts at local restaurants and also lots of places online! It’s awesome and helps me stay off my phone during class! haha

  • Yes yes yes, I agree with all of these! I would also add the app Surveys On the Go for if you want to make a little (and I mean a little lol) extra cash on the side for doing almost nothing.


  • Such great apps! I already graduated but I constantly catch myself saying “I wish Uber existed when I was in college”. It seriously would have made everything SO much easier.

  • Nicole C.

    Such a great post! Heading into my freshman year of college this fall so this was super helpful. Pinned onto my “college” pinterest board :) And I’m heading to Drexel in the fall, so maybe I’ll see ya around Philly! XO, Nicole

  • Michelle mink

    awesome list of apps here. apps were really a thing when I was in college but i know they would be so handy now

  • Hannah Madison

    I use venmo to split bills and utilities with roommates // friends! super useful :)


    Hannah from HMS Jewels

  • Yes to all of these!! I also recommend Mint for budgeting and Duolingo for language practice :) Great list!


  • Audrey Stowe

    YES to all of these. especially venmo…. we use that daily!

  • M Q

    YES to all of these! Venom makes paying bills with roommates so much easier!

  • Google Docs are so helpful because you can work on an assignment in the library then finish it at home.

  • I wish I would’ve known a few more of these to get me through my 4 years!

  • Google Drive is my entire life! I barely use Microsoft Word nowadays. Also, Spotify is my kryptonite – although I’ve been in the dilemma for the ages deciding whether or not I should stick with Spotify or Apple Music. It’s tough. Lol, such a great post!!

    Sunny |

  • All of these are great! Spotify is everything, and the Docs app is so helpful!

  • Great list! Blackboard sounds SO helpful, I wish there was something like that when I was in college!

    La Belle Sirene

  • I use the Starbucks app way TOO often! I cannot stand waiting in line anymore after they released the order ahead feature. I also cannot live without Uber! Xoxo Mindy

  • Blackboard is an awesome app! I love all of these even when I’m not in college!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

  • I’m not in college, but I love Spotify and FitBit; they’re definitely my most used apps!


  • Brooke Meitzler

    Curtsy is also a wonderful app for college students! It allows women to rent their dresses from other girls on campus without the awkwardness! Check it out here! Also, I saw where they are having a $500 Revolve giveaway, so be sure to tag your friends on their Instagram and Facebook posts!!!

    Here are their links!


  • I would love to collaborate on a post sometime! I also write some posts about college life and it looks like you do too! I loved this one! Email me ( if you are interested in collaborating!