How to Survive a Library Study Session

Library Study Session

You don’t need me to tell you that finals week is quickly approaching! Most students will begin to find themselves in the library more often than before. Before this year, I never really utilized the library but it has quickly grown to be one of my favorite study spots. Particularly because of the large tables to spread out study materials and the quiet environment. Everyone has their favorite study spot and these tips can be utilized for any study environment! I just chose the library because it’s my personal favorite 😉

If you’re a library study spot newbie, here are my essentials to make sure you have a productive time at the lib!

Study materials.

This is an obvious one, but make sure you have everything you need!

Textbook, notebook, binder, highlighters, index cards, planner, pens/colored pens, calculator, etc.

Library Study Session


You never know when the library could get noisy, and headphones are perfect for drowning out distracting background noise. Check out my study playlist for some great songs to listen to while you study!

Laptop (if necessary).

I usually find that I’m LESS productive when I bring my laptop with me to study, but sometimes it’s necessary and easier to make sure you have it. I use it to flip through PowerPoints and look at Blackboard for any additional study guides or materials I might need.

Water bottle and snacks.

ESPECIALLY if you’re planning on being there a while. There’s nothing worse than attempting to study on an empty stomach. My go-to study snacks are pretzels or crackers but you could really bring anything that you’re craving along with you! Just try to make sure it’s not in an annoying plastic wrapper because your study neighbors probably won’t be too happy with you!

study session

Necessary chargers.

Phone, laptop, Kindle, whatever you’re using… make sure you bring the charger along!


I don’t know about your library, but sometimes the library at my school is really cold. Keeping yourself comfortable while you study is super important so I always make sure I bring a sweatshirt along just in case!


Sometimes they can be distracting, but it’s always nice to have a study buddy or two at the library! Inviting a friend who is also in your class is a great way to keep each other on track and hopefully you’ll be able to answer any questions the other might have about course material.

Neuroscience Coloring Book

Motivation + a positive attitude!

You won’t get anything done if you aren’t in the right mindset. Make sure you’ve gotten enough sleep and are ready to tackle this study session. Otherwise, it could be pointless!

What do you bring with you on a library study binge?

  • I bring SO much stuff with me when I go anywhere to study – water, snacks, all my study supplies, my laptop! My bag gets so heavy but it allows me to stay focused when I’m actually studying!

    Rachel |

  • Anna Hubbard

    Love that last tip! Without motivation, you can’t get anything done!
    -Anna |

  • Sometimes I don’t even bring my laptop because I get too distracted lol.

  • I used to hate studying in the library. My college library was SO hectic and busy and you could never find quiet or get anything done.

  • I was never good at studying in the library but good tips!

  • Allie Bigoness

    I didn’t really enjoy going to the library to study until my final two years at college. Probably because that’s when I had my hardest classes. Nice physiology/anatomy photos, that was the class where I learned my study rhythm.

  • great tips!

    Laura |

  • Great tips! I hated the library in college but now that I’m in grad school I think I would enjoy it haha.

    xoxo, Jenny

  • Cat

    These are all such great tips!

    Class Meets Couture

  • Great tips for anyone going through finals or studying.

  • I am not very productive studying at the library. I prefer in my room where I don’t have as much to distract me. Great tips!

  • Adriana

    These are great tips! I’m graduating next month so these are important!

  • Omg thanks for sharing! i needed this my final exam is coming up and I’m freaking out. Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)


  • Amelie

    Great post! I always forget to bring a bottle of water and end up almost dying of thirst haha

    Amelie |

  • Kayleigh

    Chargers are a must! Can’t believe I won’t have these late nights anymore

  • Now THIS is a part of college that I most definitely do not miss! My little sister is currently preparing for final exams; think I’ll forward this along to her!

    XO, Oksana

  • Such helpful tips! I do not miss studying in the library, at all!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass