Music Monday: Road Trip Jams


Road Trip Jams

Welcome to another Music Monday! In the spirit of spring break (holla!) I wanted to share some of my favorite songs to listen to while on a road trip or just driving in the car with the windows down. If you’re heading out on an adventure for spring break, hopefully these songs will make it on your playlist!

Can’t Stop Dancin’ — Becky G

This song is one of my newest favorites!

C’Mon — Ke$ha

And oldie but still one of my favorites!

Wild Ones — Flo Rida (feat. Sia)

I love playing this song in the car because it’s one of my favorites to sing!

Dashboard — Modest Mouse

Another older song but it’s such a great one and it reminds me of summer!

When Did Your Heart Go Missing? — Rooney

Ryan and I were riding in his mustang today and he had this song on one of his old CD’s that was in there. I had totally forgotten about it! It’s such a fun dance song that I love to sing along to.

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I love new music! Be sure to share your favorites with me in the comments below!

  • M Q

    So many great songs. Perfect for Spring Break road trips!

  • I love that Kesha song too! I love all these up beat songs and they are on my running ply list! Xoxo Mindy

  • xoxo, Jenny
    You’re totally making me miss SB.
    xoxo, Jenny

  • Anna Hubbard

    I love the Ke$ha song, and any other song that has a great beat to it! Now I just want to go on Spring break now!

  • Olivia Muller

    Great picks, Kayla!!
    Miss Olivia Says

  • I love that you make playlists for different college experiences!

  • Kayla S

    I totally forgot all about Rooney until just now!

    Kayla || Keynotes from Kay

  • Oh! I’m excited to listen to these.

  • This is such a fun road trip mix! I haven’t been on a road trip in forever but I’m planning one in May to go visit some friends.

    All the Best,
    Allison |

  • Savannah Ward

    I love Wild Ones! I am not a huge fan of Kesha’s music but I admire her bravery and strength right now as she’s going through a really tough time with her record label. I hope she pushes through and wins the fight!

  • Kristine Circenis

    I love the collection of songs you picked! Each one is definitely right up my alley, if not already in my iTunes!

  • Lauren Ashley

    I love When Did Your Heart Go Missing. Such a good one!

    The Fashionista’s Diary

  • I LOVE C’Mon! I have some serious jam sessions in my car with this song!

  • I always have such elaborate plans for making special CDs every time we go on a road trip – only to completely forget about my plan and revert to listening to the radio instead! It’s the worst!

  • Allison Ellzey

    YES! I love making a good road trip playlist! When Did Your Heart Go Missing? is such a catchy song!