The Guys Behind the Blog: August Edition

The Guys Behind the Blog -- August Edition

This week’s Ryday is another edition of The Guys Behind the Blog. Last month, Ryan participated in the July edition of Guys Behind the Blog. That post was the one that propelled Rydays into existence because Ryan proved to me how charming of a writer he could be (and I wanted to read his posts more than just once a month)! Catch up on past Ryday posts!

For those of you who don’t know about this link up, it is hosted by Betsy at Heavens to Betsy. Each month, she comes up with a list of questions and has her husband answer them on her blog. Here are the questions for August and Ryan’s answers!

The Guys Behind the Blog: August Edition

1. Share a funny wedding story with us- it could be from your own or one you attended.

I’m not married but I used to work at a catering company and catered quite a few weddings. I was only like, sixteen at the time but at one wedding some drunken lady cornered me and made me take a chocolate mudslide type shot in chocolate shot glass. She literally wouldn’t let me get away without doing it. The lady was more entertaining to me than this story probably was to you guys. I’ve attended a few weddings not as a caterer but I was not old enough to fully remember them or have any stories.

2. On the topic of love, who was your childhood crush?

In kindergarten and first grade I had a crush on a girl named Janet. I moved away before third grade so we never dated. I don’t remember her last name but if your name is Janet and you went to Walton Farm in Hatfield, PA give me a call.

3. What is your top love language? What is your significant other’s love language?

Oddly enough, Kayla had me take this quiz before I even knew about these questions. She said she didn’t know this was going to be a question either but I’m glad I took it so I can answer this question! Take a look at my full list and then I will discuss why I think I got the results I did. Hopefully Kayla pastes her results, too so you can compare us.

Ryan’s Scores

Kayla’s Scores

Quality Time 10 8
Physical Touch 8 6
Acts of Service 6 6
Words of Affirmation 5 8
Receiving Gifts 1 2

Now, when I see my results, this is how I want to be loved, not necessary how I love (I would give myself all 12’s lol). Regardless, quality time is my top love language because I think it’s the most important of the five. It is even more important to me due to the fact I travel around for my job. When I can spend quality time with someone, I want it to be meaningful.

My definition of quality time is not defined by the event or actions happening, it’s defined by the people I’m with. I believe people make the place/event. It doesn’t matter where we are, if I’m with people I want to be around, I’ll usually have a good time.

When Kayla and I are together, I initially like to defer to her on things to do. I always pressure her to pick something because I want to make her happy but she usually can’t decide. She sometimes accuses me of not having any ideas either but I, of course, counter with a cheesy “I don’t care what we do as long as I am with you” (but I mean it). Then, after twenty minutes of trying to get Kayla to come up with something, I expose we are kind of already on the way to a place I had in mind. Sometimes I even make it surprise!

Disclosure: most of the “what should we do” conversations are actually “where should we eat” or “what movie should we see this weekend”… lol.

4. How did you meet your significant other?

Kayla or I have had to tell this story countless times due to our age difference (we’re 4 years apart). You would think I’d have it on a handout by now so I wouldn’t have to retype this. I will keep it to the short version.

Kayla’s dad was a part owner at a Philly Pretzel Factory in our hometown. Many of my friends worked there so they knew and worked with Kayla and her dad. Kayla clearly got the job because her Dad was a part owner. Damn nepotism! (If you’ve been following the other Ryday posts I’ve made I think I told you all that I work at the same company as my dad. I apologize to you veterans of “Ryday” but I had to catch up the newbies!)

Okay, back to the promised “short version” of this yet-to-be-made-into-a-movie love story. One day, I walked into the store to visit (and harass) my friend Rhett who was working. Kayla happened to be working with him that day. I had no clue who Kayla was at the time and we didn’t really have any interaction when I came to the store. Funny enough, my friend Rhett is the same age as Kayla and after seeing her in the store I suggested to Rhett that they should date (Rhett was always whining about girl problems). I guess luckily for me and you all Rhett didn’t follow through. You should tweet Rhett and thank him because now you are now able have “Rydays”. Imagine “Rhettdays”…

I fear Kayla may delete this part but, not long after I visited the store, Kayla added me on Facebook. I didn’t really think much of it because (as we all know) we get requests from random people all the time. She messaged me and we started talking but I was hesitant to talk to her much because “she’s too young for me, bro”. However, I will generally talk to anyone who is nice so let’s segue into question five!

5. If you’re engaged or married, how did you propose? If you’re not, how did you ask your girl out?

So after talking for a few months, I think we both started to realize we had mutual interest in each other. It was a long road and didn’t come without a little bit of controversy. When I decided I didn’t care about the age difference I was committed to making it work. I think I always knew that, in the end, it would work out and we would be together. To ask her out I bought a single red rose and gave it to Kayla as I asked her to be my girlfriend. I survived meeting her parents and, nearly four years later, I’ve ended up here.

(I know I was light on the “controversy” part of the story but I had to leave you with a reason to see the aforementioned yet-to-be-made movie of our love).

If you are still reading and plan to comment on this post, I need to you do one thing for me.

Please vote on which of my man crushes should play me in the movie of our relationship. Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Bradley Cooper, or Leonardo Dicaprio. Add your vote along with your comment!

  • Allison Ellzey

    I don’t think my bf has ever taken a love language quiz–it would be interesting to see how he scores!

  • Miss ALK

    Loving these Ryday posts!! This is adorable. :-) So cute how you guys met!

    xoxo A

  • Such an adorable post! I love that your boyfriend will do these posts! My boyfriend does so many things to help me behind the scenes, but (understandably) doesn’t want to be featured because of the nature of his career. I’m looking forward to next months’ Ryday already!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  • Aw, this is so sweet! What a great meet-cute story – my SO is also older than I am and we also met through work, but luckily no controversy ensued. 😉

  • It’s so sweet that Ryan is so into participating in your blog. It is so important to have that sort of support in relationships. I think your guys’ love languages seem really similar!

  • Ally

    Love this series! Ryan seems like a really cool guy. I like his writing style! Your meet-cute is adorable! For the movie question, I vote for Chris Pratt. I read this post in Chris Pratt’s voice!

    Alessandra | The PumpUp Blog

  • Danielle Randall

    Really Cute! You guys look great! I don’t have a behind the blog guy just yet but maybe one day. lol Its so great that he gets involved and has his day. Keep it up! Love it

    xoxo Dani

  • So cute!!
    Maybe one day my boyfriend will be comfortable doing a little more than just the behind the scenes work.

  • Kayleigh Adam

    Love this! So cute!

  • I’m a huge fan of Chris Pratt AND Leo, so they tie for my vote haha. I love this idea- and am so happy that you shared a peak into your relationship with us. Have a lovely weekend!

  • Such a cute story on how you and Ryan met!

  • What a wonderful story, and questionnaire in general! I loved reading about his perspective on the love languages, the “Ryday” posts are great! :)

  • Jessica Grace

    Bradley Cooper. Is there even any competition? Haha! I loved this post! The answers were so witty and just a joy to read.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio hands down. Also I totally loved hearing the story of how you two met – Ryday post are always too cute!

    Pick Your Beau

  • I vote for Chris Pratt! This post was so cute – my husband and I just took the Love Languages test too, and I loved hearing about the experience you guys had with it too! Quality time is my #1 too!

  • Lauren Ashley

    Aw I love this!!!!! I vote Bradley Cooper!!!

    LaurenThe Fashionista’s Diary

  • This is such a cute idea! I vote Chris Pine!

    Diary of a Debutante

  • Omary Perez

    I like how you each responded to the questions without knowing what were the results in the end. I definitely vote Bradley Cooper.